me home alone  

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me home alone

Since I was home alone I didn't worry about putting much on, I simply slipped a t shirt over my still wet body and opened the

bathroom door. As I walked out of the bathroom and into my bedroom I realized something was very strange.

But before I could feel nething I was grabbed by the arm from behind. And a male voice told me to surrender. I was led into

my bedroom, where another male was waiting. I tried to speak but as I opened my mouth it was filled with a gag of some sort.

Then the guy who had grabbed me pulled me over to my bed, and forced me down on to it.

He smiled and said "I know you are home alone, and let me tell you I am going to enjoy that fact." I looked up at him and

tried to speak but the gag wouldn't let me say anything just some mumbles could be heard. The two guys looked at each other

and one said "I think she is telling us she is glad we are here, and that she would like us to get started." They both

laughed and with that I was pushed down on my back. I heard a strange sound and looked over to the side of my bed and the

second guy was unzipping his pants.

His cock was semi hard, but it was already about 5 inches in length. I started to cry but that just made them angry. They

discussed what they were going to do to me first. Then they said well let's see what she wants to do first. And with that the

gag was removed from my mouth. I quickly blurted out, "Please don't do this.". And with that the t shirt that I had put on,

was torn off of my body, revealing my breasts. And my bare bush.

Both guys looked at me with a hungry look on their faces. One grabbed a belt and tied my hands to my headboard. Which also

pushed my breasts out further into their view. And without warning. One of the two leaned over me and took my left nipple

into his mouth. And began nibbling on it. It hurt and I tried to squirm out of his mouth but it didn't work. The other had

already placed himself down by my pussy.

He pushed my legs apart and said hey Brett, come check out this pussy, it is beautiful.. and tight, It is gonna feel really

good to fuck this. Brett stopped sucking on my tit long enough to look down toward my pussy. Oh, yeah Robert, This is going

to be good. With that Brett went back to sucking on my tit. And Robert lowered his head down between my legs. Suddenly I

could feel his tongue licking at my vagina. And without realizing it I lifted my hips toward him. "Oh, yeah she is into


And then Robert took a finger and inserted it. In and out of my pussy with his finger he went. I couldn't believe I was being

taken by these two strangers and it actually was starting to feel good. Brett had had enough of sucking on my tit for the

moment. And he pulled out his cock. He took out the gag and told me there was no denying that I wanted this and to open wide.

Without hesitation I Opened my mouth and received his cock. Brett was pumping in and out of my mouth, He rammed it so hard

into my mouth that I almost gagged. But he didn't care. "Come on bitch you know you want to suck it. Now suck my cock." So I

began giving Brett a blow job. As Brett began a rhythm of fucking my mouth. Robert commented on how wet my pussy was and that

he thought I was ready for him to fill me with his cock.

I didn't want them to realize it but I was getting turned on. I had always been to afraid to do anything with the guys at

school but this gave me the chance to not be able to chicken out. As Robert took his finger out of me, he positioned himself

between my legs. I could see him preparing to stab me with his dick and I now know I wanted him to. I was ready to be fucked

for the first time. As he got closer I spread my legs farther apart for him. He looked up at me and winked.

"Don't worry your gonna get the fuck of your life you little cunt." Just then Brett shot a load into my mouth. I could barely

swallow it down. He turned to Robert and said, "Damn, I didn't even have to tell her to swallow it. She is a natural cock

sucker if I ever saw one."

With that Brett took his spent now softening cock out of my mouth and stepped to the side so he could watch his buddy ram my

pussy for the first time. Robert moved up now that Brett was gone and looked at me. "I know you are aching to be filled with

my meat, bitch, now beg me to fuck you."

I looked at him in shock, but there was no denying it. I was on fire. So I looked him in the eye and said it. "Please fuck

me. Fuck me hard and do it now, please" I begged.

With that he smiled. He leaned into me and I could feel his cock on the edge of my pussy. I was getting impatient, so I

lifted my hips and pushed toward him until he was barely inside my hole. I took a deep breath and then he did it. He slammed

his cock into me. I yelped in pain but part of me was so excited by it. I was experiencing something I had never known and it

did feel good. Robert began pumping in and out a little deeper with each thrust. And I was starting to get into the groove

with him meeting his thrust with my own. I couldn't believe it, it felt so good. I had been taken against my will and I was

so turned on. His cock filled me and I loved it. I began moaning and playing with my tits. He began pumping me harder and


Then I realized he was completely inside me as deep as he could go. His balls were slapping against my ass as he went in and

out of my tight little hole. I got so into it I began moaning more and more. I was begging him to fuck me harder and faster.

And he did. He met every request with more and more of what I asked for. It felt unbelievable. And then I could feel his

balls tense as he slapped against me. And then he filled my pussy with it's first cum ever . It sent me into instant orgasm

myself. My tight twat locked around him and it made him cum harder.

"Oh, god I can't take it" Fuck me harder" I yelled. "God it feels so good Thank you, Thank you for fucking me! I want more

please don't stop" But Robert pulled out. I looked over and just as I was starting to say something Brett positioned himself

and shoved deep into my dripping hole with ease. "Oh yeah fuck me Brett, Fuck me! I want you to fuck me until I drain you


He pounded my cunt hard and it felt good. I was in ecstasy it felt so good. I had never known what it would be like. I never

imagined it felt this good. I wanted to fuck forever. Just then Robert untied my hands. And I began to play with his dick as

he stood and watched. I looked at him and I licked my lips. I was being pounded by Brett's monster I begged for Robert to

fuck my mouth. He stuck his dick into my mouth and I sucked him with great joy. I was being taken and I was giving head and I

couldn't believe how good it felt. I took them both in my pussy and in my mouth at least 4 or 5 times. And then they tied my

hands back behind my head and Robert disappeared.

Next thing I knew Robert reappeared. He had a video camera and a picture camera. I was on fire I didn't care. Let them take

pictures just fuck me.. Then Brett reached down between my legs and stuck a big vibrator into my hole. "Yes, thank you, thank

you for filling my hole."

Brett stroked it in and out of me. Then he turned it on. It was so intense. "Oh god I don't care what it is just fuck me. Oh

yeah that feels good." I rode that dildo hard and arched my back and Brett pushed it deep into my dripping pussy. And they

video taped the whole thing. I was a slut I didn't care what was inside me. It felt so good. Robert and Brett promised to

come back the next day at the same time.

They told me that they planned on fucking me in the ass then and that they would bring a couple of friends along. I told them

that I would leave the door unlocked for them and they could visit anytime they wanted. I was taken by at least 15 guys in

the month. And I enjoyed every single one of them. So now anytime I leave the door unlocked and await my visitors.

BixinDearsHumin 37M

8/15/2006 5:51 pm

you are very sensual. i'd sure like to see that videotape!

girlslave_200 30F

8/15/2006 10:37 pm


darkrider744 37M

8/22/2006 2:47 pm

wow, very nice story.

rm_LucianP88 29M
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8/28/2006 1:55 pm

Hy my name is Justine and I wanna fuck you . If you agree give me you id and we can talk to wen and ware we should do it

rm_hermanspeed 42M

9/23/2006 8:18 am

wow...great...count me in the next time round

rm_davizion 42M
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10/3/2006 1:24 pm

I am temparily a Mechanic as I have been building my own sports car and helping friends by servicing their rides. I just wanted to ride wit U. I can promise that it will be one pant soakingly wet ride as it is tuned to perfection, about to be sprayed. Next in are the electronics and ICE for which I have a Pioneer top end 1000$ head unit + custom build speaker setup, I will perhaps do that bit tomorrow. I am great with computers, electronics and my hands but get dirty really dirty....

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