My Friends Auction  

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My Friends Auction

I will like to tell u the details of the event.
Ah it was a boring thursday night.
We were three of us at our regular club. Me Areen and Kiya.

Kiya, as usual, drinks a lot. Always short of $$ she always takes alchohol on a credit note. And today, I mean on that day(Henceforth reffered to as "Today"), she owed around 560$s to the club. The bar manager was furious on her that day. He said he wants his money.

We debated a lot. But he wasnt there to listen anything from us. He called upon two of his security guards and they took custody of her.

We tried to protest but they were stronger. Two more of the security guards took custody of both of us and the hotel manager said "If Kiya fetches less, it'll be ur turn jase."
I was scared. and so was kiya. She looks very innocent. And with the fear on her face, we were clearly able to see the Manager enjoying the scene.

They took kiya on the stage. And annonuced the auction. He said
"Frineds, here is a Slut for you all. She owes a lot of $s to me. And she is unable to pay me back. So she has agreed to get auctioned. I mean we will acution her belonings today."

This made the croud crazy. There were around 50 to 70 people.

They started off with Kiya's handbag. The first thing which got out of the handbag was Kiya's makeup Mirror.
We were surprised as there were no takers for that. So Manager decided to take out all the makeup
stuff Kiya had and Put togather in a cary bag and then asked people to bid for that. Well the highest bid for that was Just 10$.

We were supposed to raise 567$ but manager agreed to give a discount of 10% and so he asked us to pay back 500$.

So now the score was 10$.

Next thing which came out of the Kiya's handbag was her tampoon which she always carries with her in her days of periods. OMG, that was so humiliating. She was literaly crying and we felt very sorry for her but we were tied and were helpless. But the guys were enjoying.
They made a lot of noise. Lot of words. And one of them got the tampoon for 20$.

Croud went crazy, when they saw the next thing out of the kiya's hand bag. It was a bra. The manager first Smelt it and then put the bra on for the auction. People went crazy. The highest bid was of 30$.

Next it was poor kiya's extra pair of panties from the handbag. Now we were able to see the tears of kiya flowing out of her small eyes. She was scared. And the croud enjoyed. Manager took the panties, smelt it, grabbed the panties and inserted it into his pants and then presented the panties for the auction. Guys there was lot s and lots of noise. One of them Said 30$, others said 50 and finally the maximum bid was 60$. Well, it was sold for a price more then what kiya spent on it.

Continuing From that

So this way kiya recovered 120$

There was way too much to go and We were both very scared and worried about how are they gonna get the rest of the amount from kiya?
We were only scared. But kiya was in absolute shock and was scared to an extent that all her tears were dried up. People were laughing and enjoying their sluts.

And so was the manager. He was now nearing Kiya who was looking at him with strange expression.
He lifted the face of kiya and asked her what else she had with her to auction. Kiya didn't answered anything.

Finally he said.. "Ok Kiya. We will put on auction your Top. I mean the shirt you are wearing.."

A loud cheer from the croud and a shock wave from kiya's mind was all we sensed.
Manager started working on kiya's shirt. And kiya was struggling.
Now the problem was to remove the shirt from Kiya's body. He was helped by two waiters. The struggle which followed between kiya and those two waiters and manager made the croud more and more excited and loud.

Finally manager removed the shirt kiya was wearing exposing her chest which had nothing but a white lace bra. He smeeled the shirt and said "Mmmm what an erotic smell... Who will buy this?"

A loud roar from the excited croud.

35$ was the cost of the shirt. A teenager boy was the lucky guy who reduced kiya almost topless.

To be Continued...

So the total amount done was 155$

We were still not even half way and kiya was almost showing off her top body. We were worried about what was next to be followed.

My guess was kiya's skirt. But the manager stared at kiya and asked her what's next? Kiya in horror never replied.

So the manager shouted, u drunked slut... This time its the turn of your f*king sbra. Its time for you to expose those white tits of urs. So guys now u know what will u get when you buy the useless piece of cloth... You'll not be able to wear it anyhow. Only thing you can do with this bra is wipe ur dick. So a dick wiper. I think it should be cheap. So bid less guys. bid less. Start from 2$s."

This made kiya horrified. Two waiters moved towards kiya. They grabbed her tiht and the manager started unbuttoning her bra. Within seconds he had her bra in his hand smelling and wiping. And kiya was having her head burrried on her shoulder. With all those tears she looked a small innocent girl. To be true... this made me real wet. The way she was abused, I wish i was acutioned that way.

So finally the bidding started.
Started with 2$s.

A fat man said - 8$s.

This made the manager angry. he shouted out loud... Cheaper guys cheaper. This piece of shit is of no use.

A man shouted "10$".

An old man with hat shouted 12$.

Then there was noise everywhere.. It took around 15 Minutes to decide that the bra will go to a middle aged guy who said he will buy it for 30$s making the total a low 185$ only.

Now Kiya had only two probable clothes and the amount needed was more then 300$s.

I was sure as to fetch only 100$ max from those two things and was worried about what will come next.

While I was thinking this, suddenly the manager shouted "Guys Bid for this..." And I saw kiya's skirt in his hands.

This, was a scene for the guys to die for. And for the shock of Manager and all, Kiya, was wearing a sheer transparent netted panties and
They were WET...

To Be Continued...(185$)

So this was the prise. Of Kiya. Almost Nkaed. with nothing just panties left. And that too wet. Which made the condition even worst.
Surprised an happy manager went to kiya and touched her panties and tits. And asked were they enjoyung this special night in the club?
People were mad. Shouting. Suddenly manager started removing panties. OMG.
She was shouting. Said no. please. Tears were all dried up.
bare naked now she was.Two of the waiters were helding her straight so that she is not sitting. And manager was smelling her panties. Dirty man, he said "Guys she is wet. OMG She is Fucking wet. She cant even stand this and yet she is wet. Made her panties all wet. Of no use now. irty with I don't know who's cum, this useless piece of cloth is of no good use to any one I guess. I am ready to give * for FREE."
That was something. Scared us all. But luckily there were many bidders.
The bidding reached to 95$. There was so much of noise. Around 25 Minutes of quarrel. And then 95$ was what it was sold to the same guy who had the bra which made heim a King Pair holder. Smile

Total cost which was recovered by the auction was 185 + 95
Which makes 280$.
We were still short of 220$. And that was too much.
We pleaded. Kiya was very ashamed.and was crying. But manager was enjoying our pain.

She finally said -> What else do u have to sell now kiya?
Ready to be a whore? All my fantacy seemed to be comming true. But with kiya.
She was shocked. Showed no sighn of motion.

Finally Manager decided that yes. She is ready. Ready to be a cheap slut.

He said -> No more auction now.
I will decide her cost and she will serve on First Come First Serve basis.
Rates are As Follows.

Touch her Body for 5 Minutes - 5$
Cum on Her -> 2$
Get into her (I mean the Fingers) - 10$ a minute
Enjoy her body - Fuck her - 10 Min - 1$

Now that was quiet Cheap. O poor kiya was sold on such Poor terms.
They all formed a queue.

Every on wanted to fuck her as that was cheapest buw people without AdultFriendFinder were not allowed.

One hour passed. 5 people fucked kiya and 5 of them cummed on her. One shy person touched her body for 5$ and no one got into her. In one hour she raised just 20$.

We were still short of 200$s.
She was pleading. Crying. Embarassed. Many of the people in the club were known to her. And doing his in front of them... that was not at all good....

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8/23/2006 10:21 am

Hii i just love u i stay at mumbai if u r from mumbai we can together have lots of fun.if u r not from mumbai then give me any ids of ur mumbai friends i will enjoy with them.

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Need slave to run my stuff and have it all done for me!
wantaholatovlove tho in return.




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TO the Slave Girl/s "I'd by that for a dollar"

How the hell do I send you an email? I have stacked over 1200 points now. I must go as very late....

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