Blogs, and learning new things  

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2/13/2006 11:13 am

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Blogs, and learning new things

Been awhile since I added a post to this blog. Why did I join HotMatch? Oh yeah - to get laid on a regular basis with a variety of women.

Seems I got side tracked with winking, responding to winks when I could and trying to e-mail when I could. Got into the chat room for awhile and it was interesting for a time. One woman was really honest and told me I was a virgin there (in cyberspace I mean - not in reality). I asked her how one loses their virginity in cyberspace. Got a lot of LOLs anyway.

After that I went back to the phone called a woman I knew and go down to the bar for awhile etc. etc. You know, do things the way I know how rather than making out with a computer?????????

Still trying to get the software set up properly to take pics of the hardware woman like to see (so it can be forwarded to AdultFriendFinder). I know seeing photos is much better than looking at grey shadows of women from my perspective and I imagine women feel the same when they look at Girlnuts silouette.

Any local women handy with a digital and up on computer downloading? Please e-mail if you are and would like to do a little clicking.

I really am better in a bar or club than I am with a computer I guess.

Also I would like to lose my cyber-virginity asap so if any of you ladies are horny??????

Smiling at someone smiling back at a bar and asking them if they would like a drink, dance for a bit and go home together later is so much easier still.

Like jokes?

How can you tell when a woman has lost her cybervirginity? Simple - the joy stick is wet.

How can you tell when a man has lost his cybervirginity? Simple - white stuff is leaking out of the sub-woovers hole and his hair is sticking straight up because the speaker short circuited from the cum.

Randy the Rooster

There was a farmer whose hens wouldn't lay. Frustrated the farmer bought a rooster named Randy. As soon as Randy's crate arrived the farmer let the bird out and he ran into the henhouse and the fucking commenced. All day and all night feathers flew and a din was heard from the hens.

The next day Randy the cock crowed, the farmers wife was gathering her eggs at last and a hell of noise was coming from the barn. The farmer went in to find Randy had been fucking the mares, cows, sows, and was after the ewes. Pussy is pussy as far as Randy is concerned.

A little later the farmers wife went screaming wildy across the yard running to the house, with Randy up her dress and going to it. Farmers wives have pussies too.

The day after the cock didn't crow and the farmer slept in. When he got up he found his wife holding a shotgun in the kitchen while looking out the window. "What is the gun for?" he asked her. "Just looking for that damn horny bird" she replied.

The farmer went outside and saw a vulture circling behind the barn so he went to investigate. He saw a bundle of feathers laying there with its wings spread wide. The little roosters eyes were closed and its tongue hanging out of its beak.

"Oh Randy" said the farmer "now you've done it, you have gone and fucked yourself to death!"

The bird opened one eye and whispered "shhh, go away, the buzzard she is getting closer."

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