One hell of a party!  

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7/25/2005 7:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

One hell of a party!

So it's been a bit. We've been busy with other activities, but it seems like we've jumped back into it with a bang.

There's this girl that we had been flirting with back and forth for a while. Trying to meet, but it just never worked out. Well, we call her on a whim and she says, "Hey! I'm throwing a party, come over!"


Now let me preface this with, she gave us her address without knowing really anything about us; which, tell me if you don't agree, isn't really smart. So we intro ourselves as Todd and Brenda. I don't know where we got those names, but that's what we were using. I don't think I'm paranoid, but I'll concur with anyone that says I may be overly cautious at times. I had visions of walking into a SWAT/FBI party or some damned thing.

So anyway, we pull up and we've never met this person before so we aren't sure, will we like her? Does she have some personality quirk that will make us want to run away screaming - what? So we meet her, and there was nothing of the sort. She's very very attractive, easy to talk to with a very nice smile. (And when she she's naked, it only got better!) As for her place, it is great. Big screen TV playing some good porn, playboys and condoms all over the place, and enough liquor to refloat the Titanic! (Oh, and the walls and ceilings are mirrored - but doesn't come close to comparing to the WALL of mirrors in her room) Either the place was a former frat house and she never redecorated, or she could sell her design services to any of the frats in the area!

So the mood is set, other people are there, and W and I start talking about do we tell everyone our real names or what? And then the conversation turns to how crazy it was for our host to just give out her info like that. So we say, F it, we'll fess up. Here's the funny part, as she's looking at us like, "Well you lyings shits." Everyone else fesses too! That was a killer ice breaker, knowing that everyone was as nervous about the way the whole thing was going down as we were.

So I'm not from the area we're in now, and I hadn't been to a good house party in YEARS, and it turns out some of the other people there were also from the area I'm from, so more tension lifted as we talk about places and things.

So we're all feeling a bit buzzed from the drinks, etc. when she pulls out the shots! And those things went like hotcakes! Sex on the beaches, alabama slammers, something blue and a few other flavors. We change the porn out, people are making out here and there, and then everyone except for 6 of us leave.

We hit the hot tub, and things really started heating up there. I'd been making out with the host here and there while W was reminicing about High School with one of the other Guests. We play together, but if she's can't stop talking long enough to turn around and join in... her problem right!? LOL

Anyway we're in the hot tub, W is riding me, this GORGEOUS blonde who looks about half her age, and her boyfriend whose physique made me feel like I needed to go add a bunch more weight to my sets (And both were killer cool people!) are next to me doing their thing and our host and another guy are playing as well.

W likes to be led a little bit, when our host stood up and bent over the side of the tub to get something, I pushed W's face into our host from behind and I swear there should have been a ride announcer calling out, "PLEASE KEEP YOUR HANDS AND FEET INSIDE THE RIDE AT ALL TIMES UNTIL THE RIDE HAS COME TO A COMPLETE STOP!" because all hell broke loose! The hottub was losing water like someone had blown a hole in the side.

The blond and her guy were playing with each other, and our host ends up laying in my lap. I'm holding her wrists and ankles while trying to keep her head above water while the other guy and W take turns eating her, playing with her ass, pulling her hair and biting her nipples. After about 20 minutes of our host getting some oral action I've only seen on some good porno flicks she was moaning to stop. Well of course I fake that I can't hear her, because I KNOW she's got a couple of good orgasms left to some, and sure enough I was right.

While she recovered I sat on the edge of the tub while W sucked me and then the party moved back inside. We were pretty much spent as the hot tub was like 104 and it was still hot outside and everyone was just relaxing.

So all of those people that didn't show up and said they would. HAHA - SUCKERS

And to the Host, I think you have been vindicated - you know what I mean.


rm_justanormal1 44M

8/2/2005 5:04 am

WOW!! I am so missing out on things! Thanks for the story, gave me a RISE at work. WOW!! That's all I can say, WOW!!

steamyandsexybi 45F
2784 posts
1/31/2006 8:46 pm

Hey, you's two! It's me and I'm baaaackk! (in full swing!!)lol!!
joinakinky was my old handle here,yes- and you already know the story about that! -as I already explained!! I just might have another hot tub party at my house again, soon! (tempting!!!) LOL....GOD!...That was definately awesome!! Here it is, about 7 monthe or so later and it's a gettin; hotter!! Hot sex on a platter is the name of the game! This time....who knows- we'll have some more 'games' that we love to play. HMMMM. I wonder who gives first?!!! We talk often so at least I dont have to say the original, here.(haha!!) We will be playing again! xoxoxo

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