Mustangryder84 34M
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6/18/2006 8:32 pm

I often ponder why I get so shy around women, and turn into such an introvert-mainly when my friends and i are out at the clubs. I'm practically petrified to approach on my own, I always have to ask someone to do it for me and that makes me feel bad in away. Could it be that I get the same feeling from them as i'd get if a great white swam up on me in the ocean..nahh couldn't be. Could it be the bad experiences i've had(this ranges from the time I got left by a girl whom i took out, paid for everything...then she left with another guy, without a word and leaving me to take her cousin back down somewhere in fla, 4 am. Or all the times i ask to dance with someone only for them to make up some lame excuse 5 seconds later that ends with "i'll be right back")...nah not that either lol. I know surely there could be other reasons as to why i'm so shy and apprehensive. If you got a similiar issue, or you can think of other reasons why a guy would be as shy as i am..lemme know.

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