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6/14/2006 5:03 pm

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BS free environment

I dont know about you all, but I get tired of surfin profiles, or whatever in the messenger and in the locals and running into he same problem. You read a profile when you can, or you use the comment the person uses as context clues to base whether or not you should drop them a line. what happens-usually you'll come up empty handed. In other words stop posting a set of guidelines you're wanting, if you dont mean it, or dont intend to atleast give somone who meets them man, woman, straight gay, couples what the heck ever it says. Personally if I say I'm interested in soething, if it comes up i'll atleast give it a shot, what have you to lose..nothing, and you have at the least to gain is someone cool to know. In some cases i've gotten more of a response from women i fit maybe 2 of their criteria more than i have ones i fit all of-even if it was to say not interested, better than nothing eh. So lets not post stuff in our profiles if we dont want it, you'll save people alot of looking in their searches, time in email, and frustration at the entire principal of being ignored.

In the interest of fairness, messeging/emailing someone with "lets fuck", or cock shots...or anythingelse rude in my book would be grounds for ignoring...but lets atleast extend basic courtesies-you never know, the person you say hi to today, might be the person you've ben waiting for

florallei 100F

6/14/2006 7:18 pm wise beyond your years...I like you kiddo...U R SO RIGHT


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