16 years...  

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11/1/2005 7:23 am

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16 years...

Okay so Saturday is supposedly my 16th year wedding anniversary. Except this one will be just like last one, spent alone. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t just officially end it and file for divorce, but a small part of me actually believes the bride might get her shit together and come home. I know the kids sure have a lot more faith than I do. My six year old boy was sitting on my lap before school today telling me how much he missed his mom and asking if she was coming back. His eyes welled up with tears and it took everything he had not to cry. I told him it is okay to cry but he didn’t. I wish I could shield my kids from all the pain. Pisses me off that the one woman in the world who is supposed to put them above anything else is the cause.

Anyway I’ve got to find something to do for Saturday. Grandma watches the kids on Saturday night and takes them to church on Sunday. That leaves me to my own devices at least once a week. Maybe I’ll go hiking and/or camping. I’m lucky I’m not afraid to be alone. I love hiking deep into the backcountry and just hanging out by myself for a couple of days. Well, I have a few days to figure it out any ways.

Well I got tons of laundry to do, Halloween decorations to take down, and general cleanup around the house to take care of. Plus my little girl is home sick today. As long as I get my work out in and buy in to at least one Poker game I’ll be okay.


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