Saturday Night Sex!  

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4/24/2006 8:09 pm

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Saturday Night Sex!

We actually started communicating with each other through another site similar to AdultFriendFinder. It began with the usual, winks sent, emails exchanged, progressing to instant messaging, then a phone conversation. From the first exchange of words, there was a connection. An inner sense of knowing that this person was someone who you wanted to get to know, maybe even have as a friend or more in your life, not to mention the sexual electricity that flowed like an electric shock from one keyboard to the other. I have his permission to tell the story of our fantastic first meeting experience, I shall call him FC.

We planned to meet on Saturday. We tortured each other 4 or 5 times daily with messages regarding what was in store for the other and how we could hardly wait for the week to pass. I myself could not take the teasing and the waiting...I went looking for NSA sex Friday night. For those of you who regularly read my blog, you know where that got me! If this is your first visit, you can read about that experience here Uhoh could be trouble & here And Trouble There Was.

Needless to say, after my Friday night fiasco, I was desperately needing some sleep by the time I got out of jail and retrieved the vehicle. I contemplated canceling our Saturday night meeting, but reconsidered. No way did I want to disappoint this man after the teasing I had given him all week! Nor did I want to be thought of as "just another flaky broad" on these sex sites. (He's had a couple of those...for one hilarious incident he suffered, read [blog foxcaller39].) I lay down on the couch and feel asleep. Our meeting time was set for 7 p.m., I awoke to ferocious hunger around 5 pm. I knew that I was going to be cutting it close. I had a quick bite to eat, then began my "getting pretty" ritual. I was so nervous and yet excited at the same time that I nearly bled to death from the cut I made while shaving my legs in the shower! And to top it all off, I could hear thunder rumbling outside and see that it was beginning to rain. (We had agreed that he would pick me up at a place a few blocks down the road from the motel where I stay & I would be walking there to meet him.) No umbrella! No way to contact him that I may be slightly late (as I am for everything in my life)! I finally headed out the door about 7:05 pm walking as quickly as my high heeled boots would allow me, hoping frantically that he would wait...not think that I wasn't going to show up.

I was about 1/2 a block from the parking lot where I had instructed him to pick me up when I spotted his truck. Yes! He's there, he's waiting for me, I hope he thinks I'm attractive, I hope we have great sex...these were the things flooding my mind as I approached him. As we came face to face for the first time, I immediately felt the desire start to warm my body. He was very nice looking-much more so than the pictures he had modestly posted on his profile. And so warm and friendly, I was totally at ease. I must admit that I was wishing he would kiss me, just so I had confirmation that he too felt the same. And at the same time laughing to myself for wanting this, as usually too much aggression off the bat tends to turn me off somewhat.

We had planned to spend the evening at his place. (He has a hot tub-bonus!) He is a single father of a teenage daughter who was to spend time at a friend's house while dad had company. She was not going to be leaving until 9 pm, so we had some time to kill. We drove around, talking effortlessly, getting acquainted. As the sun was setting, we drove through this beautiful park near his home. I was thinking he would be parking and then the moves would finally begin. Actually, I was hoping...I was really, really wanting to kiss him! Nope...I am getting more and more excited, wondering when/how/IF I would be experiencing the joy of sex with this hot gorgeous man. I could feel the tingling of my pussy longing for something to happen soon.

Finally, the coast was clear! We arrived at his home to the overly-friendly welcome of his 3 dogs and 2 cats. At last, a kiss, even if it was from something with four legs and a tail! LOL. We talked some more, looked at some pictures of his life, had a cigarette. And then...YES! The first kiss...soft, warm, inviting. Perfect. I love a man who is a good kisser, it usually is a sign of a good lover in my experience. We continued to kiss each other, each kiss becoming more and more passionate, more aggressive. Tongues began to intertwine, breathing began to increase, my pussy began to throb. He asked me if I would like to go upstairs to his room and I quickly agreed.

He took me in his arms and gently laid me on his bed covered with a plush blanket with a beautiful lion on it. He began kissing my lips, ny neck, my ears. I could feel my nipples grow erect, straining to be set free to feel those heavenly lips upon them. A few kisses later, and he began to fondle my breasts, then to remove the clothing that was restraining a body full of passion aching to be released. He kissed his way down my stomach, stopping momentarily to dart his tongue in and out of my bellybutton, then progressing down to my freshly shaved pussy.

I was then given extreme pleasure as he teased, tickled, nibbled, licked, sucked, and probed my soaking wet mound. I felt my body quiver, then shake, then buck upward, heard myself moan, almost scream at times, as I experienced orgasm after orgasm at the mercy of this wonderfully skilled lover. He rose up to me, kissing me deeply, my juices covering his face. He asked me if he satisfied me, if he had lived up to the talk of the preceding week. As if he didn't already know the answer to that question....

I knew I wanted more than anything at that moment to reciprocate, to give this man back at least half the amount of pleasure he had provided me. I started to fondle his erect, beautiful cock, feeling just a bit of warm precum oozing from the tip. I wanted to taste him, smell him, devour him. My tongue circled the head of his cock, licked it's way down the shaft, ran across his balls, down, under, around, and back up. I took his cock lightly into my mouth, gently blowing my hot breath upon him. I began to suck his cock, steadily increasing the tempo with which my head bobbed up and down upon him, all the while fondling, massaging his balls. He had told me he had never experienced an orgasm during oral and I wanted to do this for him more than anything. I take pride in my ability orally, and even more I love to please my partner.

But he had other desires on his mind. "Baby please climb on top and ride me', he moaned. I was a little shocked by this. I thought he was wanting to see if we could accomplish giving him a complete blow job as well, but I was not at all disagreeable to his suggestion. (Besides, that leaves me with a challenge for our next get together!) I mounted his erect penis quickly. Feeling it deep inside me, I began slowly riding him, my pussy grabbing and squeezing more and more, wanting to engulf him totally inside of me. I felt another orgasm approaching, and increased the speed of our thrusting, feeling his hands on the cheeks of my ass, helping guide me up and down on his hot throbbing rod. I exploded over him, seeing stars and feeling the most awesome intense orgasm throughout my body. He then turned me over to my favorite position, and entered my sloppy wet hole from behind. I love the sounds of sex! He pounded into me, harder, deeper, faster, faster, harder, deeper, until we both exploded in cries and yells as orgasms overtook our bodies. We collapsed on the bed, breathing hard, covered in sweat, satisfied.

And there you have it! Most of what occurred on one of the most enjoyable internet hookups I have experienced thus far. We have made plans to meet again on Saturday night...another long week of teasing and anticipating I'm sure is to come!

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What an great story and I am sure he feels the same as far as it being one of the most awesome encounters he has ever had. I bet the second date will be even better with this mystery man (wink).

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