Cold-chested Virus  

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12/30/2006 8:40 pm

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Cold-chested Virus

Yeah, I am on the hank. So my last - oh - nine now posts were all made under various levels of B U I. Which luckily, is still legal, and not a candidate for 3 strikes in this state.

So in looking at profiles recently, I came across - haven't come lately - been sick as a wolf - and am not sending up a cry - a very honest lady's profile, which, BTW was very cool since she is both close - within 10 miles (loping distance in an emergency) - and very insightful about her posted comment on another, cute, local's blog on a PArrale site. The guy was essentially looking for the same as me: to not fall off the cliff of romance.
I have personally seen what Why Are We Here happens when we make assumptions that can go way off-base. About people we meet on "sex" sites (as I think of them - I know some are "match"-makers - [my] butt), I think meeting is great, but remember, activity equals romance. Passively trawling for hook-ups is kinda addicting yourself to your own hurt, and you are jerking yourself out of the water by your own rod.
So besides being intelligent enough to interact with this guy, she also had on her Pro-file that she carried one or more STDs that were serious - that is, transmissable - and while being untreatable. Owwooo, it's time to bust out the kitchen implements. That's a Saran wrap ยท

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