Having a baby was easier....the pain went away  

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1/22/2006 5:16 pm

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Having a baby was easier....the pain went away

For those of you that see a lot of confusing back and forth between two members, us being one of them and an "ex" being the other party please read on.

I've been very ill and never wanted a long-term relationship. I didn't want to burden anyone with my hospital visits, weekly doctors appointments and kidney failure. But someone found me and fell in love with me for who I am and I love him for who he is...and this is how it happened...

I went grocery shopping on March 28th and I spotted a cute guy that was also shopping, we exchanged glances and I proceeded on. To my surprise on Sunday, March 29th 2005 I received a phone call from this special guy and he asked me out on a date. Having prior commitments I accepted a date for the following night. Our first date was great, we went and played pool at a local bar and then back to my house. Our date ended 9 days later when I left for my annual trip to Florida. I was gone for 11 long days but we chatted daily, I felt that I finally met the man of my dreams and I couldn't wait to get home. I had been in a 8 year relationship that ended due to a lengthly illness and although I was enjoying the single life and the "swinging lifestyle" he made a huge impression on me. I arrived home to flowers, a newly cleaned house and a home cooked meal.

Then as I was setting the table a car kept driving by, my friend came into the kitchen and told me it was his "ex-girlfriend" and to my surprise she comes into my driveway and waits there until he goes out. Things go back and forth for a few months and finally after all of us having enough I decide to leave the picture and I carry on with my life as I have done before, with no problems and no regrets.

I went on vacation again in July and I received a phone call asking me to come home and start over. I agreed, cut my vacation short and drove home. Since July 9th we have lived together and have been very happy and we are soon to be married.

When the swinging lifestyle was presented he was all for it and it has been great for both of us, it has enhanced what we already have and it continues to just keep getting better.

Since entering the website, we have had nothing but problems...trivial and childish. We are paying members that like to search, chat and find new friends and all that we have met and chatted with know the real us and not the "devious" people that we are thougt to be. Yes we have replied to postings because we know they are about us...ie...a question about anal sex and Ecoli...well guess who had ecoli..me and there have been less than 50 cases in New Brunswick in the past 2 years so just who would she be talking about.

We never would have known she was on the site until she viewed our profile daily and of course we started emailing her because she matched our settings...then we find out who she really is.

She was once asked to marry and received a $12000.00 diamond and when the relationship was broken off by both of them she decided the ring was hers to keep and that is exactly what she has done even though he has asked for its return. So who has no morals?

We've gone to the local authorities, she's gone to the local autorities....we just want her to leave us alone. She calls his work, emails him from a yahoo account that did belong to him and then turns everything around to make it look like we are bothering her. She did call once and tried to make truce...but that only lasted a day or two....WHY? She's posted my workplace, even though I am a retired pensioner, she's posted our AdultFriendFinder handle and she's accused us of all of the above. She views us daily and writes about us daily, just to get a response.

I am sorry that this is long winded, I've just had enough and yes if you are reading this and trying to get to me, you have, but now that I have looked back over that past 9 months I know my life is great and I have a great partner and I am glad that I said "yes" and looking forward to the day WE say "I DO"

To everyone reading this I challenge you to read "ArealUnicorn"'s profile, check out the questions, answers and all the blogs and do the same for us. Then come to your own conclusion. Every story has two sides and this story is going to end tomorrow.

I am so glad I went grocery shopping like the title says, there is pain associated with everything but like all other pains I know this one will soon go away too.

By the way for those that didn't notice...my partners birthday was yesterday and he got what he wanted...ME.

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1/22/2006 6:11 pm

good luck with it all...

rm_ktqs123 57M/55F

1/23/2006 4:30 pm

What an amazingly beautiful TRUE LOVE story!!

Except for the "EX" part....what the hell is her problem?? She LOST...why not just accept it and carry on? Does she have no other life?? Since she's on AdultFriendFinder...I would think she would be too busy having fun...like we are supposed to....that's what this is about....N'est Pas?? Personally we are too busy answering email and going out for drinks, dancing and lots more....we don't have time for petty, juvenile nasty digs at other people. Obviously she's not having much luck here. I know of a couple of other sites...maybe she could check them out? I have read her postings and yours and find her imaturity unbelievable. How old is she really? We are not in high school anymore are we? Does she know this??
You have the right attitude about this though....all pains eventually go away. Let's just hope this particular pain for you two finds something better to do with her so called life.

Cheers to both of you and all the best in your wonderful life together!!!!!

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