I love to please the man I like,with being a friend with benefits.  

germanmaidan 47F
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8/1/2006 4:40 am

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8/1/2006 4:55 am

I love to please the man I like,with being a friend with benefits.

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Tantra is the way to please a man,or to show you to please me! 1 8/1

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35 year old Woman in Chicago Heights, Illinois
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Born in germany. I love to meet guys for 1 on 1 encounters. Must be kind and generous. I do not travel, so u must come to me in the southeast sub. of Chicago. Only want to email or IM people who r willing to meet me now. I dont like guys who want to question me to death. I dont like guys who try to jagg off and wast my time on emails,IM, or on the phone.
My Ideal Person:
Gentlemen only who dont have to ask me stupid questions. I u have to ask your not for me.
Only looking for guys who like to meet and know what they want and dont have to ask me to many questions. Do not ask me for rates or charges online. I do not charge or have rates, but i like men who are not affraid to spend a little money romancing a lady, so no broke jokes or cheapscates. Only email,IM or call me if you r in Chicagoland and want to meet today,tonight, or now. No jag offs online or phone. No game players.Adults only who act like adults.I'm not here to take your abuse.

Leave standard members,looking for friens with benefits,and real gents only.No strings attached.

cltllkr59 58M
3 posts
8/2/2006 3:23 am

what do you consider a friend with benefits? do you want someone to spend a lot of cash entertaining you, or are you happy with somthing as simple as a steak n shake and a movie?
and what's wrong with standard members? Not all of us are willing to spend the cash on something that may not cum to a happy conclusion hint, hint!

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