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7/21/2006 7:27 am

Master walked into his room and found Apollo sitting on the floor in front of his bed, with his eyes turned down. “Tell me how to please you,” Apollo flatly stated. Apollo went into his automatic mode, the one he always went into when his Master Dante passed him around to someone else. Apollo could only hope that this man wouldn’t demand acts he couldn’t endure.

“Stand up.” Master walked to him. Apollo instantly obeyed. After all he was trained well, and wanted to make his Master look good. “Look at me.” Apollo raised his eyes up to meet Master. “You look tired you should rest, you may use my bed.”

Apollo looked at him strangely. “I was ordered to bring you pleasure.” Apollo had no desire to feel Dante’s anger. Ever since he went on this journey with his Master, he was paying for Mars angering Dante. His body bared some of the evidence of that anger.

“I have no need for you yet, rest.” Master turned to leave he had to meet with his pets, before that he had to instruct his servants to ready the huts for the new round of guest.

“Then I will follow you,” Apollo said.

Master turned back to him. “You are disobeying me. I ordered you to rest.”

“My Master commanded me to pleasure you. I must obey his will above all else.” Apollo turned his eyes back to the ground. Master couldn’t imagine the severity of Dante’s punishments. He walked over to Apollo and let his eyes drink in his image. Apollo was strong and tight not one ounce of fat was on the man’s body. His blonde hair cut short; the features on his face were sharp and chiseled. Master ran his hand through Apollo’s hair then he went to the bed and sat down.

“Come to me,” Master said. Apollo walked over and knelt down in front of Master. “I don’t want you pleasuring me because your Master commanded it. I only like to receive pleasure from those who desire me.” Master caressed Apollo’s face. Apollo felt the heat Master generated his cock hardened by this simple gesture. No cruelness was dealt out and yet Apollo was getting aroused. He looked up when he felt the warmth of Master’s breath on his cheek. He trembled when Master’s lips touched his. Apollo began to reach up to pull this man closer but he remember his place and stopped. “Go ahead touch me,” Master whispered against his lips. Apollo slowly reached out his hand and timidly touched Master’s shoulders. His Master never allowed such things, though Apollo longed to caress his own Master this way. Apollo had tried for years to earn his Master’s kiss. “Ummm, let your hands explore.” Master pulled Apollo closer and felt him relax in his embrace. Apollo’s hands journeyed over every muscle on Master’s upper body as Master deepened his kiss. Apollo’s hand felt the outline of Master’s hard cock through his jeans. “Do you desire me?” Master asked. He unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out.

“Yes,” Apollo whispered. His hands tightened on Master’s cock. This man’s cock was as large as his own Master’s was. Apollo lowered his head and took Master’s cock into his mouth. He waited for the degrading comments, the violent pulling of his hair, the hard thrust of this man’s cock, but they never came. This man gently ran his fingers through Apollo’s hair and moaned with pleasure. Apollo slowed his pace enjoying the feel of Master’s cock in his mouth, the delicious taste, and smell of him. Then finally the reward he sought the scrumptious taste of Master’s juice filling his mouth.

“Stand up,” Master ordered. Master reached down for Apollo’s cock. Apollo’s eyes shot up to him. “Leave no one wanting.” Master smiled at him. He stroked at Apollo’s cock with expert hands. Apollo threw his head back as his orgasm rocked his body. Master Dante never done this before, never cared that Apollo’s cock was so hard it hurt after he pleasured his Master. But this man…. he wanted more of this man.

“I will tell your Master you brought me pleasure. Now rest.” Master lightly kissed Apollo’s lips then left the room.

Apollo lay down in Master’s enormous bed. He could smell Master’s scent in the sheets; he closed his eyes and inhaled the smell. There was also the smell of the most delightful perfume. He remembered the captivating little woman that met them at the dock. She said she was the Mistress this has to be her scent he smelt. The mingling of their combine scent aroused Apollo but also brought calm to him. Apollo allowed himself to relax and soon he fell asleep.

Master walked down the hallway when he heard the delicious sounds of women moaning. He went to Mystic’s room and slowly opened the door. Watching women pleasure each other was one of Master’s favorite forms of voyeurism. His cock hardened when he saw the three women on the bed. Mystic was lying on the bed with Jessica on top of her both women were lapping at each other’s pussies. Desire was behind Jessica licking her ass. Master moved closer. Jessica lifted her head up and parted Mystic’s pussy lips wider then she brought her tongue to Mystic’s clit. She twirled her tongue then flicked it back and forth. Mystic moaned loudly raising her hips up. Jessica buried her tongue deeper into the folds of Mystic’s cunt. “Yessss!!! Mistress,” Mystic cried out.

Master went behind Jessica to watch Desire eat her ass. Desire use long strokes starting at Jessica’s pussy and working her way up all the way across her ass. Master growled causing Desire to look up. “Keep working on her ass, my pet.” Master turned Desire’s body a little then slid under her. He reached his hands up to her hips and pulled her pussy closer to his face. His tongue was so skilled it didn’t take long for Desire to cum. Master still lapped at her pussy, he so enjoyed the taste of a woman. Desire rode wave and wave of pleasure. Her body shuddered, her mind spun from the pleasure her Master was bringing with his amazing tongue.

“Master…I…I..” Was all she could managed to say. Master lifted her up and over him. He kissed her lips; she could taste her pussy on his lips sending a blast of heat through her body.

“Desire lay down. Jessica come here. Mystic eat Desire’s pussy,” Master commanded his cock ached with need. Mystic pulled Desire to the end of the bed and buried her face in her pussy. Jessica slid under Mystic and started licking at her pussy. Master stuck his cock deep into Jessica’s cunt. All the women were moaning heightening Master’s pleasure. He watched his cock plunged into Jessica’s wet pussy then looked up to see the women pleasuring each other. Master exploded with such a violent orgasm his body shuddered. Jessica sat up and wrapped her legs around Master’s waist pulling herself up to reach his lips. She kissed him deeply. Master could taste Mystic’s pussy on Jessica’s lips. He remembered when Jessica was shy about pleasuring another woman. It took him months to get her to enjoy this wonderful pleasure. His words telling her to forget what supposedly is right and wrong and to just listen to her body. His sweet Jessica has come a long way.

The other two women came to him. “Lay down Master,” Desire cooed. She ached to bring him the pleasure he had just given her. He did as she asked. She lowered herself down between his legs and begun licking at his balls. Mystic and Jessica lapped at his cock. Master watched their tongues work.

“Suck my cock.” Master grabbed the shaft of his cock with one hand and Jessica’s head with the other. He placed the head of his cock to her lips. “Suck my cock, woman.” Jessica licked at it looking at Master. “Obey Jessica.” The magic words that made her pussy drip. She took his cock in her mouth and sucked hard, deep and fast as Mystic helped Desire suck on his balls. The sensation their mouths caused was incredible. Master came hard. Jessica let his juice shot out letting the other women partake in Master’s sweetness. Master enjoyed watching them licking up his seed.

“It’s time to go to the meeting room. But Jessica you come back to my room.” Master smiled at her, she immediately obeyed.

All of Master’s pets waited in the meeting room. This room had large pillows covering the floor and nothing more. Beauty lay contently in Pleasure’s arms. The other women were catching up with each other. Wrath sat quietly in the corner of the room, Pain sat next to his twin brother Pleasure.

“Mistress must have kept you busy while the rest of us were gone,” Ecstasy said, moving closer to Rapture.

Rapture felt the heat arc between them he tried to ignore it. He did not intend to be as Obsession had been. “You know how hungry she is,” He replied.

“Ummm, yes,” Ecstasy cooed. Rapture felt the warmth of Ecstasy’s breath on the back of his neck. “You look even more tempting with your hair longer.” Ecstasy ran his fingers through Rapture’s hair. Rapture’s cock reacted he could smell Ecstasy’s ambrosial scent invade his senses. “I remember your kiss, Rapture,” Ecstasy whispered in his ear. Before Rapture could react, Ecstasy grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his head back. Ecstasy’s kisses were hot and hard, Rapture was unable to resist it.

Master entered the room all his pets were watching Ecstasy and Rapture’s hot kiss. Master observed Rapture reaching his hand up as to push Ecstasy away but instead he grabbed the back of Ecstasy’s head pulling him closer.

“Master.” Lust jumped up and threw herself into his arms. Master carried her over to the middle of the room and laid her softly down. He gently lifted her skirt up and lowered his mouth to her pussy. Today Master seemed to have a craving for sweet pussy juice. Lust arched up instantly reacting to Master’s skilled tongue. He licked and sucked at her clit until she came. Lust cried out his name repeatedly as pure bliss washed over her. Master lifted himself up and pulled his cock from his pants. With one swift thrust, he filled her pussy with his enormous cock. Lust was breathless as the pleasure he was bringing her was incredible. Master laid most of his weight on her as he pumped at her pussy. He propped himself on his elbows he didn’t want to crush her but he wanted to feel her soft body next to him. “Wrap your legs around me,” Master commanded. Lust obeyed wrapping her legs tightly around his waist. “Take all my cock,” Master growled and thrust harder.

“Master, yes, yess…” Lust screamed out as another wave of pleasure crashed down around her. Master pumped until he was ready to cum. Then he lifted himself off her and stroked his own cock. He threw his head back while his cum spurted all over Lust.

“Stay like that,” He ordered Lust. “Rapture and Ecstasy lick my seed off Lust.” Master sat back and watched his most beautiful male pets obey. Rapture buried his tongue in Lust’s pussy licking every drop of Master’s juice off it. Ecstasy licked at her breasts. Their tongues where so pleasurable Lust came again and then gasped when Rapture stuck his tongue deeply into her pussy.

“Very good my pets,” Master said. Just like that, they stopped and sat back down. “It will be a least a week before the guests arrived, however we have a special guest to entertain.” Master laid his head in Affection’s lap then lazily played with her huge breasts. “Master Dante and his slave Apollo have come here to observe.”

“Master, do we have to service them?” Lust injected.

“No!” Wrath answered. “Stay away from him, Lust.” Wrath knew Lust was too delicate to take Dante’s perverted taste. Besides Wrath had a certain protectiveness lately when it came to Lust. He had no idea what was going on between them. Lust in the past had always seemed to be afraid of him but the last two weeks….were strange…and yet…. Wrath looked up and saw Lust sneaking glances at him. Oh, he’ll find out what’s up or at least have a little fun with the beautiful petite woman.

“Master Dante will be called just Dante while he is here. I am the only Master on this island. Dante enjoys what Wrath does, so if you are not into that then heed Wrath’s warning and stay away from him. Apollo I am not sure about him so I will leave that to your discretion.”

“Where is Mistress?” Ecstasy asked.

“She is walking around the island.” Master smiled. Jessica loved to explore the island and he would never deny her this special pleasure. She wasn’t one of his pets so she had more freedom. “My new pet Temptress will arrive plus I found another male I decided to name him Blaze.”

“Blaze?” Affection looked down at him.

“Wait until you see him my pet. The name suits him. Now take that damn shirt off,” he ordered Affection. She quickly obeyed. Master brought his mouth to her erect nipple and suck hard. “Tasty.” Master smiled at her. “You all can go back to what you were doing. Except for you.” Master playfully nipped at her erect nipple. “Ecstasy you stay as well.” Master went back to suckling on Affection’s tit.

“What will you have me do Master,” Ecstasy said. Master reached up and grabbed Ecstasy’s head lowering him down to his cock. Affection watched Ecstasy suck Master’s cock. Oh the way Ecstasy pleasured Master combined with Master’s skilled mouth on her tit, made Affection’s pussy dripping wet.

“Master I need your cock in me, please my Master,” Affection begged. Master looked up at her letting his tongue circle her nipple.

“How bad do you want a cock in your pussy?” Master leered up at her.

“Please Master I’m begging you to fuck me.” Affection’s breathing quickened.

“Lay down,” Master ordered. Affection obeyed. He let out a moan, Ecstasy’s mouth felt so good on his cock. “Stop Ecstasy, poor Affection wants a cock inside her. Accommodate her.” Master squatted over Affection’s face. “I’m going to fuck your tits and you’re going to suck my balls.” Master commanded.

Ecstasy filled Affection’s pussy with his hard cock. Master squeezed her tits together engulfing his cock between them. Affection licked and sucked at his balls as he rubbed his cock back and forth. Affection’s muffled moans spurred Ecstasy on. He fucked her hard and fast bringing both of them to orgasm quickly. Ecstasy pulled his cock out then laid down on her so his mouth could reach Master’s cock. He licked at the head of Master’s cock as it emerged from the tunnel of Affection’s tits. Master grabbed Ecstasy’s head moving him closer to his cock. “Suck my cock!” Master cried out. Filling Ecstasy’s mouth with his cock, he kept Affection’s tits pressed together. The soft tunnel her tits created combined with Affection and Ecstasy’s skilled tongues were building one hell of an orgasm. “Lick faster both of you. Yes, like that. More Damn it!! Yes.” The orgasm slammed him so hard his cum shot into Ecstasy’s mouth spilling down his chin. Master let Affection get up. “Clean him off,” he ordered her. Affection licked all of Master’s juice that dripped from Ecstasy’s face.

Master pulled both of them to him. “That was most pleasurable, you will be rewarded.” He kissed Affection and then dismissed her with a playful slap on her ass. “And you.” Master tangled his hand in Ecstasy’s hair. “That was fucking fantastic.” Master brought Ecstasy’s lips to him kissing him deeply. “Let me feel that amazing mouth of yours again.” Master lowered Ecstasy’s lips back down to his cock then laid back and enjoyed his pet’s talents.

Jessica walked down the path toward the waterfall. This was her favorite spot on the island. The flowers that were all around filled the air with their fragrance. Jessica removed her silky slip dress and dove into the warm water. She surfaced right in front of the waterfall, moving to it she let the water cascade down her body. After spending a year with Master, she was now so aware of her body. Her hands caressed her firm, rounded breasts; the feeling of the water running down her skin aroused her. Jessica tilted her head back and ran her fingers through her wet hair. She turned around to fill the full force of the water on her breasts. She turned around again to let the water run down her back. Now fully aroused Jessica let her fingers slide into her pussy. She stroked her clit with long, slow strokes not in a hurry to bring herself to climax.

Dante sat down on the soft grass just in front of the waterfall and watched Jessica pleasure herself. He watched each stroke of her fingers inside her pussy. His cock hardened just watching her masturbate. He picked up her silky dress and wrung it in his hands. Oh, he had plans for this little Mistress.

Jessica climaxed she enjoyed the sweet sensation then opened her eyes to see Dante sitting there watching her. Jessica became frighten, the waterfall was isolated nobody would see or hear her if Dante decided to hurt her.

“That was quite a show, Mistress.” Dante stood and clapped his hands. “But I have something better to show you.” Dante stood there and waited for her to come out.

Jessica noticed he had her dress in his hands. Oh great, now what? She couldn’t very well run back up to the house nude. Jessica slowly climbed out of the pond. “Give me my dress back, please.” Jessica stood there waiting for him.

“Sure thing.” Dante sauntered over to her, grabbed her arm, and pulled her to the ground.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Jessica struggled but Dante’s strength was too much.

“Giving your dress back.” Dante rolled her over and brought her hands behind her back. He used the dress to secure her arms in place then he rolled her over again. He stood up and removed his leather pants all the while staring at her with coldness in his eyes.

“Untie me, how dare you do this to me!” Jessica started to sit up but he pinned her down with his foot.

“We are going to play a little game, Mistress.” Dante straddled her waist. Jessica could feel his hard cock on her breast.

“I don’t want to play a game with you.” Jessica couldn’t move due to Dante’s weight.

“It’s called how many ways you can get me off.” Dante grabbed the back of her head. “One.” Dante moved up her body so that his cock was right above her mouth. He pinched her nose shut and waited when Jessica couldn’t breathe she opened her mouth; Dante rammed the head of it into her mouth. “You bite me and you will know what true humiliation is. Now suck my cock.”

Jessica tried to protest but couldn’t say anything with his cock stuffed in her mouth. Fear, excitement, and desire mix until Jessica couldn’t help but suck his cock. “Yes, that’s it.” Dante leaned over so now he was on all fours; he lowered his hips down driving more of his cock into her mouth. He began to thrust, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. Jessica sucked harder, twirling her tongue around his cock. “Oh, yeah, suck my cock.” Dante smiled and pumped faster. “Like this don’t you Mistress?” Dante continued fucking her mouth. Jessica wanted him to cum fill her mouth full of his juice. He felt her suck harder and that amazing tongue of hers working in concert with her mouth until he exploded. “Yeah, that’s it, drink it.” Dante shuttered from the pleasure her mouth brought.

“Two.” Dante slid down her body and opened her legs wide driving his cock deep inside her pussy. He looked at her face and that talented mouth of hers. He fuck hard and fast until he came again.

“Three.” He flipped her over and positioned her on all fours. He grabbed his cock and eased it into her ass. Jessica cried out, it was painful at first, but this didn’t stop him, he relentlessly pounded at her ass.

“Four” Jessica started to whimper she wanted him to stop. He stood above her head so that he was facing her pussy. He lowered himself down to her face. “Lick my ass.” Jessica couldn’t move and had no choice but to comply. He felt her tongue explore his ass. “Oh yes, rim me.” He stroked his cock as her tongue circled his asshole. He cried out with pleasure as he shot his cum all over her tits.


“Please stop,” Jessica begged. But he straddled her waist and placed his cock between her tits. He squeezed them together stroking his cock. When he came, his juice spurted all over her face.


“Stop now!!” Jessica yelled.

“As you wish.” Dante untied her hands. Jessica dived into the water to remove his juice from her. She felt so violated and yet….

When she emerged, he was still sitting there. She grabbed her dress, slipped it on, and headed up the path back toward the house. When she looked back, Dante was gone.

Jessica rushed into the house. She ran past Rapture straight up to Master’s room. She went to jump into the bed but Apollo was still asleep. Jessica was breathing hard, her body tight with desire. She looked over the sleeping man. He was gorgeous just like all the other men on this island. The images of what Dante just did to her flooded her mind. A sudden rush of desire swept through her.

Jessica climbed into bed next to Apollo. She pulled the covers off his body and let her hands run down his sculpted stomach. Apollo slowly opened his eyes. “What is your pleasure Mistress?”

“I want to fuck you.” Jessica watched as Apollo’s cock rose. Her hands went instantly to it she wanted to feel his cock grow hard. She stroked and kneaded then brought her mouth to his hard and ready cock. Apollo gasped as she sucked at him feverishly. She wanted his cock rock hard; she sucked and licked enjoying the taste of him. Apollo gripped the headboard trying desperately not to cum. “Mistress if you want…to fuck…yes, oh yes…” Apollo exploded in her mouth the sensation was so strong, his eyes rolled back in his head. He soon realized what he had done. “Mistress…punish me.” Apollo jumped out of bed and went to his knees on the floor.

“What are you doing?” Jessica sat down in the bed looking down at him. This was a most unexpected response.

“I came before you told me to.” He turned his eyes to the floor. Jessica climbed out of bed and knelt on the floor beside him.

“It is okay, I am sure I can get you hard again.” Jessica’s hand stroked at his cock, she felt it harden in her hand. She pulled him to the floor and on top of her. Jessica wrapped her legs around his waist and drew his cock to her pussy. He rode her slowly letting her set the pace. Apollo watched her face as she came. “Cum Apollo!” She cried out. He thrust faster, deeper and harder until he screamed with pleasure.

“Apollo come!” Dante stood in the doorway he had watched Mistress fuck his slave. Apollo quickly rose to his feet and straight to Dante where he knelt on the floor beside his Master. Jessica climbed in bed and covered her self with the sheets. Dante’s condescending smile chilled her.

“I see Mistress enjoyed our little game.” Dante petted Apollo as he spoke.

Jessica pulled the sheets off her and climbed out of the bed. She strolled completely nude over to Dante. “Six.” She whispered. She unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out, and stroked it with both of her hands. Jessica looked into his gray eyes as she jerked him. There was no way this man was going to know how much he intimidated her. She kept her eyes focused on his as she stroked faster. Dante smiled down at her but the smile never reached his eyes. It was more of an arrogant kind of smile.

“Drink Apollo,” Dante commanded. Apollo brought his mouth up to the head of Dante’s cock and ate all of the juice that shot out of it.

“Now leave my Master’s room.” Jessica turned from him and went back into the bed. Dante laughed, and left the room with Apollo two steps behind him.

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