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12/28/2005 5:31 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

truth or dare

i hobbled back to blogland only to realize that no one took up my truth or dare offer to reveal their initial thought or perception on me. fair enough, hold your peace then or some of you have your piece of mind but just choose to keep it to yourself. shall not whine or nag too much on that...

on a lighter note, i must admit that i have become somewhat a slightly more optimistic person after i have been in blogland stringing words for quite a while now. it is funny to find the strangest things at the weirdest place and just so happened i stumbled upon optimism here in our great sex site. i could have gotten the much craved for optimism through self help books and websites, but to discover the glimmer of positivity here is truly unexpected.

when my baby was dented, i received some advices from the usual suspects in AdultFriendFinder who'll frequent my blog crime scene for their usual non-high fix.

*non-high fix in the sense that my blog has little or no value of sexcitement for your enjoyment at any one point in time. however, i write about some very poignant experiences that would nudge you at the right places and you'll feel inclined to share your anecdote with me instead.

if i were to share about my misfortune (dented baby) with friends, most likely they'll offer some words of comfort and advise me to get it fixed. but somehow, sharing this misery with men who also own cars and love theirs as much as i do, that managed to half my sorrow.

when i seem to have all the luck in the world to hurt my foot, someone decided to inject some humour into my pain. he said, maybe i am just finishing up on the bad luck quota for the year so that i can start on a clean bill of health thereafter in the following year. i found this to be hilarious and laughed my pain away rather than frowning or wearing a scowl on my face wherever i go while still injured.

in the past few months that i have been active here, i have gained some insight of men which is valuable because it is first hand information. my conclusion? men will always be's not a sin or crime but universal law of truth which most women are still living in denial just to evade this truth.

from what i see and hear in AdultFriendFinder, i realized that some men, mostly my regular readers are sympathetic in one way or another. i am glad to have found some glittery traits in some of you, hopefully that's not fool's gold though

yes, i may be a boring writer since i write about very bland stuff. but i guess that's just because i may not be your cup of tea.

rm_wtease9 38M

12/28/2005 11:16 pm

Hi George,

In a certain way, AdultFriendFinder is some kind of a parallel world. Well, its a themed digital world, making it easier for people to talk about sex and check out whether mental and physical desires are compatible.
These the reason on one side and/or simply curiousity is what made us registered here. Once registered, we started a 'second life' and are showing traits similar to the real world. Some people are kind, others are rude. Some know what they are looking for, others are just there and 'exist'.
Some people like you, contribute to the community by sharing thougts in a blog, while others might only post nude pics and wait to be hooked up.

All the Best for 2006

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