temptation waits...  

georgina666 37F
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8/26/2005 7:19 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

temptation waits...

TEMPTATION WAITS by Garbage (Album Version 2.0)

I'll tell you something
I am a wolf but
I like to wear sheep's clothing

I am a bonfire
I am a vampire
I'm waiting for my moment

You come on like a drug
I just can't get enough
I'm like an addict coming at you for a little more
And there's so much at stake
I can't afford to wait
I've never needed anybody like this before

I'll tell you something
I am a demon
Some say my biggest weakness
I have my reasons
Call it my defense
Be careful what you're wishing


You are a secret
I need possession
I like to keep you guessing


When I'm not sure what I am
When I’m not sure what I am

When I'm not sure what I'm living for
When I'm not sure what I'm looking for (rpt. 3 times)
When I'm not sure what I'm living for

my latest crush is garbage, version 2.0. it is yet another cheap deal i got from the local record store alongside with the gin blossoms' album. admittedly, work is a real pain at times and the only times i get to prep up myself for yet another involuntary slavery or to unwind after a long day at work would be to blast my stereo when playing the songs...

indeed, it helps because as i listen to the songs, relating to the ever so wonderful and poignant lyrics, it helps me to get my mind off work. not to mention, when i am into the song, i am much less an aggressive road rage as i encounter countless lady drivers with a license to kill on the road. as they attempt the road slaughters, i listen to my songs, loud and clear penetrating into my soul. that's why i don't give a hoot or else i would be honking from the point i started my journey until i reach the doorstep to my house

yes, i am a lady driver but i can safely bet that i drive better than most lady drivers. imagine some ladies switching on their indicators and expect to overtake right ahead of you within the blink of an eye. i confess-i do that too...but with much more skills. i turn on my indicator and immediately swerve into whichever lane i fancy defensive driving, a friend commented. i nodded with a sheepish smile. the thing is, most lady drivers who attempt to pull the same stunt as mine often result in minor crashes. it's fine if you want to decrease the population by migrating six feet under and help flourish the undertaker's business...but just don't drag me with you, i make a terrible bed fellow, let alone share a coffin.

i wore a flowy skirt today, it's dress down friday but what is the significance really? i see male counterparts gracing their workstations in short sleeve shirts or long sleeve ones without their "gallow"...most middle aged men might contemplate wearing their favourite checker shirts. i think that's the normal must-have shirt in their closet and wives would most likely help to stock up on those kind of shirts because come the sales, it is dirt cheap with up to 70% discount. applaud, applaud.

so, tell me, do you have the essential checker shirt in your closet? i used to have a blue long sleeve checker shirt, it was my favourite item when i was in my teenage years. 7 years down the line, i look back and wondered why i would have ever thought of that checker shirt as the trendy shirt then...baffles me, but once again, i am a faux pas, a walking disaster

still improving on the dressing part...

seekmature3 44M
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8/27/2005 11:10 am

Checkered shirts is the International Dress Code for engineers. Also no self-respecting engineer will have that on without the mandatory pens in the front pocket. U can tell the really good engineers by the number of pens they have.

georgina666 37F

8/27/2005 5:56 pm

ahh...does a walking stationery make a good engineer?;P lol...

thanks for the enlightenment, i now know how to spot an engineer.

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