please be hard in order to please  

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11/24/2005 3:20 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

please be hard in order to please

it didn't rain as much today as the previous days but it might pour again tonight for all we mind is pretty empty today and i got a little restless because the mind has to be alert and active all the time and not be left to grow weeds!

out of boredom, i thought of dressing as a playboy bunny to seduce my partner, but there ain't one readily available to be seduced anyways. that's my mind playing some sick game amidst the numbers and figures. there really nothing to look forward to? funny that i grumble this much when i am single and i can imagine some married out men itching to go out and have a good time with a total stranger.

as i flip through the newspaper, this particular news about an indian actress proclaiming to men that they should not expect their brides to be a virgin anymore caught my eyes. what a bold statement to make and this has caused the ants to crawl all over her and the long arms of the law to reach and grab hold of her, whether by her neck or hip or waist, that we won't know yet. but at the moment she is on bail and there'll be more controversies and scandals brewing i believe. i won't say it is an innocent statement because that statement is slanderous to all the other virgin brides waiting to be imagine an actress, supposedly a public figure and opinion leader to a certain extent making such a negative statement! not only it will tarnish the reputation of the indian females and females in general, but that's one statement that one has to stoop low to accept.

i am not surprised that many parties are incensed, though whether the real reason behind such fuss could be of another agenda or motive instead. but that she's a social figure associated with such controversial statements and for what is uttered, there is a price to pay which this woman currently faces the exorbitant "price" to pay for her words string wrongly...

i drove home as usual and for some odd reason unknown to myself, i accelerated even though the traffic light had already turned amber. damn...and this particular junction had to be installed with cameras to catch those who attempt to beat the traffic light. so much for traffic light rights protection. so as i zoom off, i was left wondering if the photo of my not so gracious heroic deed would be sent to my house any time soon...naturally my heart skipped a few beats and i was soon feeling depressed again. but i tried to subdue the depression because i have just managed to get my spirit uplifted again and i don't want to end up in the dungeon so soon, or at least before the next natural pre menstrual stress cycle begins.

when i don't blog much, i would be writing elsewhere, i.e. personal e-mails or even replying to AdultFriendFinder members, the few and rare regular ones who'll write once in a while. personal e-mails are written to friends and some men here of course but i don't publish my e-mail address for obvious reasons. more often that not, it depends...if after several correspondences, we feel that we'd like to keep in touch constantly out of the sexual context temporarily, then it might be a good idea to exchange e-mail adressess strictly for decent correspondence. once out of AdultFriendFinder server, i don't need to be sweet tongue or finger *ucked anymore. i think it's just to meet people from here who can act decently outside of this site because whether you're an AdultFriendFinder man or not, you're still human after all. so there is no need to still put on that AdultFriendFinder facade, talking absolute nonsense, you know, those annoying no-brainer lines written for the sake of writing. i am more into decent and normal correspondence. yes sure we can write and share about sex, no problem since we're adults after all. but simply yakking about amorous acts and gigantic anatomies don't interest me so much because if you want to woo or court someone, you'd not make a fool out of yourself that way.

hard to please? erm, to a certain extent, i admit i am hard to please. but get this straight gentlemen, you have to be "hard" to "please" me right? no "hard", no "please"...think about it

Kent641 56M/49F

11/24/2005 5:49 am

hello georgie, u think u beat the red light? dont worry, the summons will arrive after your next red sea flows. they just got too much too handle. e-mail is good...i like to write too. ofcourse,not as good as you. kent

georgina666 37F

11/24/2005 6:46 am


as and when the bleeding summon comes, if it does , i'll let you know of course. i hope not because that'll ruin the merits of a skillful driver like, so to speak

thus far, you've been a constant reader who pays me compliments as well. that's heart warming for a sweet gesture. thank you so much but at the same time, i am disheartened because men i meet here are not to be kept but they come and go...

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