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12/31/2005 7:13 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

height matters

if you must know, i spent the remants of year 2005 chatting on AdultFriendFinder, hop onto bed at 11.45pm and when the clock struck 12, i could hear fireworks playing in the background. as expected, my dogs went mad yelping because they were terrified of the strange noise. so now we know, whether it's national day or new year's eve for us humans, dogs just sleept through those occassions and grow another 7 years older at one shot when the clock strikes 12. if you have not already known, 1 human is equivalent to 7 dog years.

so if there was anyone or anything that should feel more upset about instant aging, it should be my dogs. in the blink of an eye and lots of firework plays, they've aged so much enough said, like owner, like pet. my owners slept through both christmas and new year's eve, so did i. ironically we have not been spending too much together and i doubt i have grown to be somewhat similar to my dogs physical wise. if i did, then i would be a bitch...

i've managed to meet up with a couple of girl friends yesterday for brunch and the topic of discussion was nonetheless our cursed singlehood. no doubt, a few of them already have their significant other halves in tow whereas the majority of the gang is still as dead as the lonely single number one. i think it's somewhat a tradition for i remembered vividly engaging in a similar topic of conversation last year at starbucks.

you see...as someone who is vocal and feisty, it takes a lot from a man to truly prove his worth to me. i am not being arrogant but i still think men must choose the right time to fan their ego. apart from that, i stand a 1.74m tall. for an asian, a true and pure bred asian, i am tall. things are not looking up further because i like killer heels. by the time i put on my heels, i should be around 1.79m tall. at this height, most of the time i would be towering over a lot of people i meet. so where are all the tall men?

looks may not be the primary criteria, but height might be an issue. have you seen two people walking together but the picture looked so out of place because the girl is at least one head taller than the guy and the guy might just be at eye level with her boobs? i held back from commenting about height simply because my terms and conditions of companionship focussed more on worthwhile communication. at the same, of late, i cannot help but look at the people around me and hyperventilated because they seem to be a lot shorter than me with or without my killer heels.

it was then that made me realized, did i turn off my potential suitors because they felt that their ego was deflated to have a girl towering over them? it's funny because i get a lot of comments about my height-from supermodel to having a view from the rest to the air high up there is much cleaner. because i have been tall all my life, it's hard to imagine how it would be like to be petite and in dire need of super killer heels to elevate the height.

to me, wearing killer heels is simply my fetish for shoes and thanks to my child bearing hips, the more i need killer heels to divert the attention to elsewhere and in the process create an illusion of a less heavy bottom.

where are the tall asian men though i understand that during sex, only size might matter whereas height is of no issue at all. ahh, that's what we think. but imagine if the guy is about 8 cms shorter than me, do you suppose his legs would be somwhat hanging in between my calves? i used to tell my friends this and they had a good time laughing at my insanity. who would have thought of all this things, they said...but the problem does not stop there. imagine a shorter guy kissing a taller girl...ok, i'll tilt my head then

admittedly some girls here only choose to correspond with caucasians but i have set my option open...of course at a glance it would seem that caucasians would have the height that'll be able to compliment me or at least give me a run for my money.

height as opposed to size is another sensitive issue among men apart from their driving skills and sense of direction. but again, it's me who is writing so i am bound to touch on some raw nerves as always.

would you consider dating someone taller than you by more than 5 cms? and she likes to put on her killer heels too by the way

Kent641 56M/49F

1/1/2006 4:51 am

george, you are tall for a asian lady. then george, your boob?okay, i dont know how big. no idea. but you mention before,its only a handful. okay, i put my imagination on that stuff of yours. add silicone there, make it to 36 or 38 plus your height...BANG..george, you will have killer boob instead of killer heels. so, the height is not a question anymore. your boob will be star attraction anywhere you go. is that great?

rm_inappropos 42M

1/1/2006 11:24 am

cant get over how fragile some ego's are ,instead of getting deflated ego's they should have felt flattered.

eternal1969 48M
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1/1/2006 5:39 pm

Well George, if you are tall for a gal then I'm short for a guy

Height doesn't really bother me much unless i want to snatch a surprise kiss with a taller lady and that may be a slight problem. But then again I could always time it on a staircase when I'm on the upper rung

Your post reminds me of a dear old friend of mine who is 1.76 without heels. When we hanged out together she will intentionally wear her 3 inch heels just to rib me. But then she was the one who caused me to have a weakness for tall girls. I guess through her, I feel tall gals are fun and sexy because of the confidence that height brings. She was of course also special because she was responsible for snatching away my virginity and I could say that she was a great tutor. But then again... that story will be told another time

George George dun tell me you are going to start discriminating on height

rm_mymymy72 45M
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1/10/2006 5:03 am

in a word, yes.

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