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1/1/2006 5:55 pm

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day one

it's already the second day of the year...have not felt the age factor oozing on me yet but friends are quick to highlight that i would be the first to turn 26 among them since my birthday falls sometime in june. nonetheless i am glad to be born in the middle of the year and not sometime so soon such as january or february. call me one who likes to plan ahead, but i already sort of know what i would like to do on that monday birthday night... i'd like a quiet dinner somewhere in town where i can put on my dress and heels.

my first day of the year was spent running errands, grocery shopping, visiting a friend's colleague who had just gave birth to a pair of twin baby boys, a drink and snack session at hard rock cafe and then head home. the hypermarkets were filled and congested with eager beavers not to mention that there way too many kids and prams too. as usual, kids were rolling on the floor trying to play dead for the chup-a-chup lollipop while parents simply turn a blind eye to that infamous act.

that was the highlight for the first half of the day...then the boredom got to my nerves that i texted a friend to ask what she's doing. if you must know, i only hang out with my girl friends whom i have known for donkey years. a quick glance at my phone contact number details would reveal the contact numbers of more girls than guys. why are there phone numbers of guys? possibly as a "safety net" should i really need help but they might not turn up anyhow...

so i managed to set up a drinking lesbian date with my friend but before that we have to visit her colleague first. the hospital which she was admitted in turned out to be an islamic hospital in town. i was dressed decently albeit it was a low cut v neck top. luckily my friend had a shawl with her, so i covered my shoulders just to be respectful to the religious environment there.

the lady gave birth to a pair of baby boy twins through caesarean section. she was lamenting to us not to choose the same delivery method because the pain was unbearable after about 2 days. my friend and i looked at each other wide eyed. is it a little too early to warn us since we're nowhere near the attached phase and i might only get hitched when i am 40? that's 14 years from now and should i still remain single by then, i guess i have tried my best in being patient to least expect the appearance or even mere existance of my so-called significant other half.

you know how people always console and comfort the lonely singles? they'd say, you'd meet your significant other half when you least expect it? that's just bollocks because i have neglectfully disregarded the possibility of getting a date and until today, i am still as dead as single. fine, i did date someone before i joined this site but that ended like the tsunami.

so, i ended year 2005 with a wedding invitation from another high school friend and started year 2006 with a glimpse of a pair of newborns. quite an eccentric way to remind me of my own love life status. do i hear you scream "desperate" from your end? i don't think i am desprate per se, but it's a reflection and actualization that somewhat punctures the hope of living happily ever after when you're already 25 and still bumming around.

but that's something which i have no control of. hence i ended up developing more and more passion for writing and subsequently get addicted to it i guess. like one of my reader's profile stated, he's not finding but rather waiting to be found. i share the same thoughts too. it need not be a love relationship as i understand that's like the kiss of death to any men. rather, i'd be grateful for a decent companionship for a cuppa or perhaps other activities, which of course if sex is on the cards, it's all the better for both parties. erm, that's what most of us are here for anyways.

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1/3/2006 10:29 pm

Happy new year 2006~~~ ^_^

new year new style~~~ go>go>go!

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