My Fantacy-  

georgiapie 35F
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1/9/2006 3:18 pm

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7/9/2006 6:16 am

My Fantacy-

I went out to the local bar, and set down on a stoll by myself. I though no one noticed me when a fair skin, sexy, very attraction person came and set down next to me. At first, I didn't
pay her any mind, until she brought me a bambay w/ cranberry- and said skip the cherry. She can have mine. That was when I knoe that she was going to be passionate. I went over to her table and we been to talk. I told her that I wanted not
just a good time, but a wonderful experience with no stranges attached. She said why no stringes. I pointed across the room and said my strings are attached to him. She loved the
fact that I was honest. She being to move her hand up my skirt. I stopped her, and told that it would be my first time with a woman. You said your on the right track- She moved he hand
higher and I tensed up until she begin to kiss my kneek and face. Before we knew a guy was on the other side of table watching; wanting it to go farther. He could see the excitment and joy in my face. As she slowly moved her hand
across my breast, my felt like it was on fire. Her hand hand deeper inside of me. Moving, poking, waving, jumping, swirling- It was something I haven't had in a long time. I was getting wready to climax when she told me to wait because she wasn't finish, yet. So all went back to my apartment. Once there we had already begun, well the guy was setting up the camera for his enjoyment. She begin to teach me everything I ever dreamed about. Slowly we begin
at first, then she switched hands and pass the other in my mouth. I tasted what she tasted "sweet georgia pie". The sweetest pie in the world. He watched in the corner, despartly wanted to join in- This time he was forced to watch as if we were on tv. Just knowing he was there wanting and waiting made my plessure levels peek. I could feel the movement and warmth from her mouth eatting and licking. In my mind, I replayed the movement and the feeling.
That way I could be just as good to her as she was to me. I swithed positions with her. Licking everything from the small of her ear to the lining so beautifully placed between her legs. Everytime I heard her moun- it tuned me into an Amazon. I hicked her legs higher across my shoulders, and buried my face in. That sweet taste and smell were out of this world....I
always wake up or the dream begins again at this point.

rm_sotodeyayo 32M

1/31/2006 4:18 am

this was so erotic i hope more is to come

georgiapie 35F

3/10/2006 5:30 pm

There is more to come in due time- Hope to catch you reading more of my blogs in the future.

rm_Okirider 57M

6/20/2006 1:18 am

What a Fantasy Ha?.If it was at that favorite bar of ours in Kin we might say close the doors for a bit or keep the place open and get it on behind the bar to the music of Guns and Roses.BTW one of my favorite Bands Dude.!!!

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