haha, sex with a stranger  

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12/24/2005 5:45 pm

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haha, sex with a stranger

i met her in a retail clothes store. she asked me about a boxer she wanted to buy for her boyfriend. then, she asked me my name.she said she likes my accent and she asked me what kind of accent it was; i told her it was French and another language combined.at that point,she was so exited to conversate with me.
she asked me to say something in French, i told:"tu es tres mignone" whick means that she is so cute.
she had a huge smile in her face, and started asking me personal questions, then we talked for 25 minutes.
she said she always wanted to meet somebody who speaks French fluently.at that poit, she was flirting with me big time. then i helped her with the shopping, then we stepped out. when she was leaving, she asked for a French good bye kiss. that kiss turned into a make out section for more than 5 minutes.
next thing we know, we were in bed together she did not know i got a pretty huge dick. she was astonished and exited. she squirted 3 times. that was the 2nd time she ever squirted in her life.
she couldn't stop inventing me or coming over.bye bye Boyfriend.

geofroyd 35M

12/25/2005 10:45 pm

haha fun

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