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6/17/2006 5:03 am

To look in the mirror and see what looks back, it looks little different than it did last year, so why do people keep telling me I'm old? The energy level is about the same as it was 15 or 20 years ago, the body is in good shape, so what is this old thing?
There are a few more grey hairs than I care see but beyond that and the fact the hair is thinning the appearance is about the same, at least to me.
I have recently found a friend my age who does not even look like she could even be my age, lovely in the extreme, fit and firm as a 30 year old, she astounds me with her energy. We are to share some time together today and tonight and I look forward to being with her just because she is a vibrant woman.
I know that we enjoy each others company and that we are comfortable with being just friends and the sex is great, yet this is to new to judge where it may go and in the long term of things I hope it develops into a deep friendship that is ongoing. She is a most interesting woman, a rare find in this world of head games and nut cases.
I have met some women here and to date not one I would like to spend more than a night with, personality differences or maybe I am just to choosey. I do not think it unreasonable to want a woman who is intelligent, height and weight proportional, able to converse on a range of topics and has the sex drive to match my own. She fits in all catagories and wants no more commitment than being a pleasent distraction and friend. The thing is she is not from here and to see her she has no need to be here for I am sure she could have any number of men if she so desired.
This is what I have looked for, for the last year and a half and I now wonder if there is another sane woman on this site who could fill this same bill and not want anything like a commitment yet enjoy this type of friends with benifits realationship who is close enough to me to be convineient.
The other friends I have made here are for the most part "normal", not the head cases I have met for women, yet in those friends is not one who I find an attraction to, which for the most part is OK, one can never have to many friends.
For now I will enjoy this woman as long as she will have me and cherish what time we have together.
Ya'all have a good day

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