May the road rise up ...  

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11/17/2005 4:29 pm

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May the road rise up ...

The Irish are a very earthy people, grounded by the very nature of their heritage and the struggles that land has seen. One saying they have is a blessing to all and is as follows: May the road rise up to meet you, may the sun be always at your back and may God hold you in the palm of his hand.
This of all the things of my own haritage seems to be a guiding force in my life right now. This year has been so full of things that have taken me by surprise. Not all of these surprises were good and until this week I have had little or no emotion about it all.
This week has been out of sorts for me and I have felt unfocused due to the surprise I had the begining of the week. A contact with someone here and e-mails back and forth no expectations but a good feeling of getting to know each other. The profile had no picture but was of little interest to me as she exceeded all other requirements of what I was looking for.
Then she posts a picture, my jaw dropped, mouth went dry, I was gazing at the face of an angel and I do mean that. The day she was born the angel must have wept for they had lost one of their own.
We have just begun to share things with each other and were sort of making plans to meet. Things beyond our control may make a meeting soon out of the question but one was planned with a group we each belong to and there is an outside chance she will be able to make this meet. Here in the Irish luck, it will take near a miricle for her to be at the meet, may the Lord hold you in the palm of his hand.
There have been few women in my life who affected me in this way, to be honest only two others, and one of those I married. Niether of us is looking to marry but each would not rule out a very close friendship if it happened. She has been my distraction this week though it is silly of me to assume she could feel anything for me as we have yet to meet and know little of each other.
This week has been something of a nightmare but definately a dream, it has flown by and I look forward to meeting others from the group I started but wish with every fiber of my being that she is able to make it here for this meet.
I thought it impossible for me to have feelings for anything but the work that is before me and then came across her profile. The exchanges have been warm and open but not overt. We have exchanged woes not banter and I have felt a bond growing but thought I would have time to nurture this before we met. The possibility of meeting her now and remaining calm is frieghtening. At this very moment I would take her in my arms, kiss her passionately, and carry her off to be alone with her, leaving what was to happen next up to her.
I am dumbfounded by this, that conversations with no knowledge of how she appeared did not affect me and one look at her face and I would walk the world around to be in her presents.
Oh God , what fools these mortals be, Puk in "Midsummers night dream" by Shakespeare, and he doth have a point. What is the trigger that sets us to ramble about tripping over our feet in pursuit of someone and yet we do and are not ashamed by the way we act.
I am no school boy but well seasoned and scared by the work done in this life. I should show more dignity than to freeze up at the site of a woman who does not appear her age. Who could stop traffic in Times Square at high noon. Yes she looks that good.
I hope she does not ever see this for I would die a slow death if ever I did anger her by bringing offense in any manner, but this is public though she can not be identified here she could identify herself. I could not sleep tonight with this on my mind and had to release this to here where it can be set aside and dealed with later.

Abbienormal57 67F

11/23/2005 12:28 pm

I can't imagine anyone being angry over such honest, beautiful and open thoughts.

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