It's so nice out...I think I'll leave it out  

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4/18/2006 4:26 am

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It's so nice out...I think I'll leave it out

I have been here for just over a year now and have met some very wonderful friends. People with whom I have the oppurtunity to go out with, call and just chat or hang with on a lazy afternoon. These are things I have not had in many years so it is nice now to have that to fill some of my time. Most of my time is still filled with everyday chores of doing what is needed and work.
Last week someone who was all to briefly in my life suddenly e-mailed me in need of help. It is strange that she came to me with this as she has been in my thoughts lately. I could not justify why I was thinking of her until she contacted me for help, now at least I know why she was in my thoughts. This is the first woman to ever make contact with me from AdultFriendFinder, before the groups, before I learned about meet and greets, so new here I squeaked.
Our first meeting was on a hot early summer day and she met me at a local club just after it had opened. She was from the very first warm as we hugged and kissed as we met and went inside for a drink. We talked for what seemed a long time and as we left, lustfully embraced and kissed wanting it to be more.
The next time we met she called on an afternoon I got off early and wanted to know if she could make supper for me, well now I knew exactly what I wanted on the menu and after having talked on the phone and e-mailing for several weeks, knew I would be able to with little effort convince her as well.
A sultry summer afternoon and my thoughts of being with her were, to say the least, just as steamy. She had given me a meeting place, a local bar, and at the given time she arrived. Now if any of you young pups out there think only young women can make your blood stir you best think again, she is only one year younger than I and has kept herself in shape, so when she walked into the place in cutoffs and a t-shirt, there was no illusions as to how hot this woman was.
After one drink I was ready to leave and she lead me to her place, several miles out of town to a house in the country. We got into the house before I started my suduction, but then I was relentless until she excussed herself and returned in a mid-calf night shirt and asked if I would like to see the house. Our tour ended in her bedroom, well she and I both remember that afternoon and what can happen if we spend to much time together just now.
She is in the midst of finnishing her Masters degree and needs to study, but also has to move next week and then has only three weeks to complete her course work before graduation. So for the time being I need to keep my passion in check and just be there to help in the ways that benifit her. My only concern is if she will stay as part of my life when she is done with her degree.
The next month is going to be hard in more ways than one.

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5/8/2006 9:45 am

Naughty naughty!

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