A Faieries Story....Arcasia  

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A Faieries Story....Arcasia

...you know we faeries can take human form.

At this statement I sat down hard, not realizing I had dropped right out from under my little fairy. Starring blankly across the table I suddenly became aware she had lightly come to rest in front of me. " Be you sound sir?", brought me back to her presence in the room. "Yea, What be your name child, for this I have not asked of ya, but must now?"
"Arcasia of the Water Clan", as she curtsies and smiles broadly,"And you kind sir, what be your name?"
I sat as if before a queen and spoke in my best courtly manner "Sean, of the clan McClure,MiLady", we each looked around us then at each other again and began to laugh.
Finally as the laughter subsided, "I do apologize child for not doin' this before now, my manners have slipped some livin' here alone."
"Sir Sean, fear not for you have made no error or insult, for until now I would have been reluctant to give you my name, you see faeries are ill-trusted hereabouts."
"Gnomes have given us a bad name and we must be wary of those we trust. Your gifts show you hold no ill-will towards the fairy Clans."
"Gnomes?" says I
"Yes, you are not of this land so you would not know of these, gnomes cause mischief and harm, often breaking gates and chasing livestock, then leaving signs of faeries behind so we are blamed. We come from the same realm and are enemies in both worlds. I was with a party seeking to stop the gnomes from causing any further mischief when the storm separated us and I got lost, only to find you. Sean of the Clan McClure, what is your trade?"
So entranced was I with her story it barely registered with me her query. Startled I replied,"Huntsman and wood cutter, MiLady."
"You do not speak like a commoner, Sean and you have the manners of a gentleman."
"I was a Knight and Bowman, educated by the monks in secret, in the service of a queen. I have little to show for it all save the scars and callouses."
"Then you know the ways of war?"
"All to well lass."
"Sean, we have only so many of us who have the powers to subdue a gnome, and then it takes four of us to subdue one of them. This they have learned over time and now go out in larger numbers, making it harder for us to stop them and they are brutal creatures when angered. If we could build an army of younger ones whose powers are not yet developed, we may be able to stop them once and for all."
"Answer me this,Arcasia, you say you can take human form, why then not take that form to confront these creatures?"
"Sean, we can only take human form at dusk and we lose our magical powers as humans and we have to return to our fairy self by dawn. So the strengths we have to subdue them without bloodshed are lost."
"Arcasia, What is it you would have me do?"
" Train an army of our young ones, we have little time before, the gnomes wreak havoc with the earth and waters, if they and not subdued we will not be able to repair what they will destroy."
"How and where would I train your army? In which realm? I can not go to the land of the faeries, can I?"
"Not as a human,no,but when I have found the gateway home I would return with those who could turn you into a fairy and then you could train those willing in the ways of war. We are excellent archers for this is how we procure most of our food, so we have some of the skills of warfare but we no knowledge of how to conduct a war."
"Lady, you have to realize that a warrior seeks only peace but will defend his obligation to that which he has pledged fealty, for me to do this I would have to train your people to kill if necessary. Then once the killing begins, where dose it end? I will go to your world and train your army, but your people must understand the cost could be great. Lady I have seen these creatures in the wood and though we have not exchanged anything more than looks we have been ever cautious of each other. How would you do this without bloodshed?"
She heard my words and knew what I said was true. She thought for some time and then looked at me and said,"Let me think on this and when I have found the gateway and talked to the elders, I will give you an answer."
"Sean, May I sleep with you this night as a human woman?"

...To be continued

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I love fairy stores

Bye everyone, it was a blast

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