Task # 3 - enlarging my penis to 10 inches  

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1/1/2006 1:45 pm

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Task # 3 - enlarging my penis to 10 inches

I thought this title might turn a few heads lol. I know a lot of women say they can't take 10 inches of cock, but ALL - and i mean ALL - guys dream of having a large cock. I'm quite happy with my 8 inches (on a good day) but i think packing 10 would really be a goal in life. I wonder if it's a domination thing that men have - watching a woman quiver in anticipation as she sees it grow to it's full size and then shivering as you slide it into her moist pussy?

I've recently bought a high-quality penis-enlarger - one of those suction thingies but have only really toyed around with it (no pun intended)a few times. It's actually quite painful when the air is sucked out of the chamber and your cock starts to swell under vacuum.... oh well you can imagine the rest.

How do you women feel about 10 inches - is it really too much to handle? Have any of you guys ever used a suction penis enlarger - and with what results?

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