Shattered Trust  

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2/20/2006 3:44 pm

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Shattered Trust

I just took a look at my blog and realized it has been 2 months now since my last article.....Time flies when we are having fun.

I decided that after the last few weeks that trust should be the focus of this article. Here are a few examples of the government has betrayed our trust.

Firstly, the way the disaster relief in the gulf stated for the victims of Hurricane Katrina has been appalling. It is clear now that FEMA is under this gigantic new bureaucracy called Homeland Security does not make FEMA more effiecient. Much of New Orleans is still without electricity and thousands are with employment and a place to live. The fact that literally thousands of people still have received no help at all is a national disgrace.

The next thing we should be concerned about is our privacy. The fact that George Bush thinks it is all right to have a domestic spying program even though the intent of the law forbids the president from having doing so without getting permission from a judge is a scary thing. We all agree that if there was a need to arrest suspected terrorists we would want to do everything possible to stop them before another attack happened. However, what George Bush (I just cannot call him President) is doing now is a clear violation of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution. Another example of this is the Justice Department obtaining millions of hits on web sites from Google and the other internet search engines and then trying to get us to believe that it is needed to regulate internet porn. If that was the case, why not just ask for the search engine hits on porn sites? The government is wasting looking for a needle in a haystack via the internet and nothing has been done to assist the primary responders by the Bush administration ( hospitals, local police, firefighters & EMT's) and of course from the way FEMA responded to Hurrincane Katrina, we know we cannot depend on them for help either.

Lastly many things that we have been told by George Bush have been out and out lies. For example, saying he is for cutting our dependence on oil, yet there is inadequate funding in the U.S.Department of Energy and positions were actually lost in the areas of Research and Development.. The Medicare prescription drug plan has been a disaster for senior citizens. Bush continues to ignore science when it comes to the environment giving huge breaks to corporations who are making billions of dollars at the expense of our future for generations to come. 45 million people have no health insurance at all and have no where to go when they are sick. Bush has taken a 5 trillion dollar surplus and turned it into a 10 trillion dollar deficit, and then the Republicans have the nerve to call the Democrats the "tax and spend Liberals"? Let us also not forget the Republican members of Congress cought up in the scandal with Jack Abramoff and all the lies we have been told so far about the war in Iraq.

It is going to take alot of work to restore the trust the in the government.Unless that happens soon, it is possible we may never recover

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