Independence YEAR  

gembarok 49M
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7/4/2005 6:00 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Independence YEAR

How inappropriate of me… My friends, future lovers, and people who ignore me… I wish you the happiest 4th of July. This 4th of July we celebrate Kevin’s independence day. Freedom isn’t free and I think I have paid my dues…

I have to work of course… but there is nothing I would rather do then to MAKE LOVE under a spectacle of fire works… that would be awesome… don’t think it is gonna happen this year. Guess I’ll have to make my own when that time comes.

rm_mieze626 53F
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7/4/2005 6:45 am

don't feel bad, you are not the only one who has to work....i will think about all the people who have fun....and i can't, lol....i will catch up on that one...happy 4th to u too

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