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8/1/2006 1:06 pm

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Now, I got back from the RMC's 92nd Anniversary Bash and it was great. The weather was hot and the girls were hittin the showers tough. The shirts were flyin up all over. I didn't stay for the "beauty contest" but no great loss. Hell I must've seen most of the pretty ones topless all day. Unfortunately, no girls walked around nude this year but it leaves somethin to the imagination. Between the Beer, Babes, and Bikes I sure had a good time. Oh, and the first 2 bands were great. The first was Headcase, they did all the new metal and the second band did all the Skynard, Hatchet, Rush, etc. When I catch the name I'll put it up so all the Skynard heads like myself can go hear em. I even got some playin tips from the lead guitarist from Headcase. Well that's it for now, take care.


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