Lynn's Photo Session...Wife & mom goes black for the first time.  

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Lynn's Photo Session...Wife & mom goes black for the first time.

Lynn was in her late 20s and was by all appearances a very happy middle class wife and mother. She had been married for 9 years to a man she met in college who was now busy with a successful biotech company. Just this fall both of their children reached school age. She now found herself with several hours during the day when she was alone and she began to miss her children and husband very much. The kids were busy with school activities and her husband was always doing something with work.

Lynn had met a few other mothers at a PTA meeting and they decided to meet for lunch every Tuesday afternoon. During these meetings several of the women discussed their sex lives or lack thereof. Perhaps the wildest was a mother of two named Lee. One week she told the lunch group about how she rekindled her husband's sex drive a few years ago be presenting him with a portfolio of her by a professional photographer. Her description of the photoshoot, her sexy poses, and even her nude shots got the group very excited and several decided to do the same for their husbands. That was until Lee told them that the cost could be as high as a few thousand dollars. Following this lunch, Lee drove Lynn home since Lynn's car was in the shop for repairs. During this ride home they continued the conversation about Lee's photography session.

"I sure wish I had enough money to get some hot shots to show my husband. Since the kids came along and he is buried in his work we never have any wild times, if you know what I mean" Lynn stated.

"Well," Lee replied, "if you really want to do this I guess I should say that I didn't tell the PTA group everything."

"What do you mean by that? Come on and tell me all."

"Well OK, but remember you asked for it. The photo shop is called Tom Black's Photo and he is located 50 miles from here and my entire session was free!"

"Free!" shouted Lynn, "But you said it was over a thousand dollars!"

"It is, but Tom makes side deals every now and then. Believe it or not, I let him photograph me having sex with a couple of young studs and he did the portfolio of me for nothing. And believe me those two studs were so good I should have paid Tom for their services. In fact, I have even made a tidy sum from letting Tom put the pictures on his private web page. You know I can set up a session with you if you want. Tom has to see you and see if you are his type, but I am sure you will pass inspection. You want to try it?"

"I have never cheated on my husband before, I am not sure I should or could do this. I certainly wouldn't want pictures of me naked or with other men out there for the public to see. Isn't that dangerous?"

"Look, Tom will not make you do anything. The pictures are not out there for the public. Tom had a private web page that only subscribers have access to. My pictures have been on the site for over three years. I have not encountered any problems and I have gotten a nice check from Tom every month. Just go, try, take a few pictures and do whatever you are comfortable with, OK."

Two weeks passed since this conversation and Lynn found herself standing in front of Tom Black's Photo debating about going in or not. She really wanted to spice up her marriage and she felt these pictures could do the trick. She remembered Lee telling her that she didn't have to have sex if she didn't want to. With these thoughts in mind, Lynn entered the shop.

A very pretty brunette was sitting behind a partitioned section of the office. Lynn went up to her and stated that she had an appointment at noon with Tom to discuss a photoshoot. The brunette lifted the phone and told someone on the other end that the noon girl was here.

"Hi, Lynn, my name is Sally. You can go into the back through that side door and good luck with the pictures!"

After entering the backroom, Lynn ran into a tall, muscular black man carrying a camera. She was taken a little by surprise since Lee had never mentioned that Tom Black was actually a black man.

"Well beautiful lady, judging by your looks I would guess that you are Lee's friend Lynn. Did you bring some outfits for us to take some preliminary shots with?"

"Uh...yes I did. Do you have a changing room?"

"You bet, just follow me to the far back end. I have several changing booths, take your pick."

Tom let her go first so he could check out her figure as she walked into the back section of the studio. He smiled to himself and tried to make a mental note to call and thank Lee for sending Lynn to him. He guessed her to be about 5'7", 125lbs, and 36DD-26-36. In other words a hot goodlooking blonde ready to be fucked! Tom knew if he approached this situation correctly Lynn would soon be added to his stable of white women going black.

Lynn picked the booth on the far right side. She entered and closed the door. The small room had a full-length wall mirror, a chair, and some hooks to hang clothes. Lee had told her to take some short skirts, blouses, and swimsuits along for the test shots. Lynn began to disrobe and heard Tom tell her to start with the swimsuits. She said OK and took off all of her clothes. Once she was naked she paused to look into the mirror and was satisfied with what she saw, a young trim body with large breasts and a small waist and hips that flared out to just the right size. She ran her hands over her body and smiled. She then bent over to her bag to grab a one piece black bathing suit which she quickly put on.

While Lynn was changing, Tom was busy at a computer console. The view on the screen showed Lynn getting into her swimsuit. Tom was grinning as he got to see the woman completely naked. He was very glad that he had wired every room of his place with hidden cameras. Utilizing the computer guided camera, he took several pictures as Lynn stood naked in front of the mirror moments earlier. He couldn't wait to get some action shots of Lynn with a few of his black friends. Based on past experience he knew he had to proceed cautiously so as not to scare her off.

As Lynn came out of the changing room, Tom darkened the computer screen and grabbed his camera and told Lynn to get in front of a white backdrop on the left side of the studio.

"Hey just be natural. Turn to the side every once in awhile and just let me snap off a few to see what we get."

Lynn replied, "This is very exciting. I have never posed for a professional before."

"What size breasts do you have, Lynn?"

"They are 36DD. You Like them?"

"You bet I do! Try and bend forward at the waist just a little bit so I can get a good shot of your cleavage. Your white skin and blonde hair really show up nicely against the black suit."

The session went on for awhile as Tom took pictures from every angle. He paused eventually and asked, "You wouldn't by chance happen to have brought a bikini with you?"

"Why yes I did. It is orange with yellow flowers. I'll go and put it on."

As Lynn returned to the changing room, Tom returned to the computer console and geared up for some more shots of Lynn. He was very happy to see that when she took off her black swimsuit she paused for a moment to run her fingers over her hairless pussy lips. He thought to himself that this might be a little easier than he thought at the beginning. He picked up the phone and spoke to Sally out front.

"Hey Sally, are you looking at this? I think she is going to go all the way!"

"Yeah boss, she sure is hot. I have already begun to download pictures onto the website and the hits are beginning to rise as we speak. Make sure you get her to agree to a specific time for the next shoot so we can alert all of our members."

"I definitely she comes, I'll get back in a few minutes. Well Lynn now that is a nice tropical outfit. I hope you don't mind my saying, but big breasts like yours are made for bikinis!"

"Why thank you Tom."

Lynn began posing again and the time flew by quickly. She got into the action more and more and even began to enjoy the obvious effect she was having on Tom. If only her husband would still look at her this way. Before long, Lynn began to realize that she was beginning to get excited and she felt her pussy get damp.

Tom was not oblivious to this, he had been in the business a long time and he knew the signs. It was time to move in. " about taking your top off for a few shots..."

Lynn didn't reply for about a minute, but without saying a word she turned her back to Tom, removed the bra and let it fall to the floor while holding her arms over her breasts. She then turned back to face Tom. Their eyes met for several seconds and then Lynn dropped her arms to the side letting her large breasts come into complete view.

At that point Tom went into action and began to take photos faster than before. Lynn's breasts had large aereoles with a nice tip right in the middle that were extended due to her excitement. He took pictures from the front, back, sides, with her bending over, lying down, or just standing in place. Any pose he could get her into to show off her large breasts he took advantage of. Within 30 minutes they were done. Tom told Lynn to go back and change and he would have some papers for her to sign. While she was in the dressing room, Tom again buzzed Sally, "hows the website going?"

"Just great," Sally replied, "the hits are the largest numbers we have seen since Lee got fucked. We are going to make a lot of money off of Lynn! You want the regular contract?"

"You bet, bring it in now."

When Lynn returned from the dressing room she was back in her street clothes. She was still rather excited about being almost completely naked in front of another man other than her husband, and a black man to boot! She couldn't decide if she was relieved or upset that Tom hadn't made a pass at her. In fact he had been a perfect gentleman. Tom was at his desk talking with Sally as she approached them.

"Lynn, I think you are very attractive and we can give you the same deal we gave Lee. She did tell you about the website, right? I'll give you a free portfolio, plus money based on the number of hits to your pictures on the site. The more hits, the more money you can make. Just sign the contract and show up next Wednesday and we will get that portfolio complete between the hours of say noon to four. Remember to bring your sexiest outfits with you since you know what makes your husband hot, and after all the portfolio is for him"...(Tom had to try really hard not to laugh at this comment).

Lynn took the contract, thought for a minute and then quickly signed without further delay, shook hands with Tom and said goodbye to Sally. After Lynn left, Tom gave Sally the contract and told her to file them and make an appointment for next Wednesday for Lynn's session. Tom also dropped his pants and sat back in his office chair. Sally dropped to her knees and started sucking his huge black cock which was getting longer and harder by the second. "Come on girl and suck fast. I could barely stop the erection when she took her top off. Keep sucking while I call Brad and Sam. They are the lucky ones to fuck Lynn next week." As Tom talked on the phone, Sally continued sucking and as he came she swallowed the entire load. She loved this job and knew in her heart that she was addicted to black cock.

Meanwhile, Lynn was driving home with difficulty. She kept thinking about Tom and the erection she saw beginning to form in his pants. It looked like he had a huge cock and she wondered how big it would get. She was driving with one hand on the wheel and the other was rubbing her pussy through her clothes. She finally made it home in one piece and ran upstairs, closed the door, stripped, and masturbated with a dildo she kept in her dresser drawer. She climaxed harder than she had in a long time and started thinking about next Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Lynn got her husband and kids off to work and school and then she began preparing for her shoot. She decided to take the following sets of clothes: she would wear a tight plaid miniskirt with a dark blouse and light blue bra. Her shoes would be black high heels with wrap around straps that went up her ankles. She also took a black miniskirt, black thong, and black bra. The last item she decided to bring was her husband's favorite: a black see through bodystocking that had an opening for her pussy and ass. She arrived at the studio at 11:55AM and saw Sally. Sally was busy working with something on the computer as Lynn approached her desk.

"Hey, Lynn, Tom is ready. Go to the back, you know where it is."

As Lynn went to the back, Sally buzzed Tom and said in a low voice "here she comes, I will set up the web page and let everyone know that the fucking begins in about 90 minutes, is that enough time?"

"Yeah that should be about right. Man this should be fun...Oh, hi Lynn welcome aboard. Have you got the clothes that your husband likes?"

"Yes, I brought a few of the outfits he likes."

"OK, lets get started. By the way this is Brad and Sam. Since this is an actual shoot, I am going to need some help with the lights and stuff."

Lynn was at first surprised to see the other two black men there, but then she remembered about Lee's story and began to think about the possibilities. If she was going to remain faithful to her husband she should leave now, but something compelled her to stay. Sam and Brad were thin, muscular men wearing tight pants that showed off definite bulges. Lynn had also noticed that many more lights and camera equipment were in the room than were present the last time she was photographed. She headed towards the dressing room, but Tom said lets take some pictures in that outfit just to get warmed up.

Sam and Brad moved around the studio with lights and other equipment, all the time getting a very good look at Lynn. Lynn noticed this and noticed that the two would occasionally rub their groin region, an area that was beginning to stretch as time went on.

Tom had Lynn pose in various positions. He really liked her short plaid skirt, tight blouse and high heels. In about 25 minutes Tom had Lynn take the top off and several pictures were taken of her in her light blue bra.

"Lynn, your husband is really going to like these shots. Why dont we try another outfit. What else do you have?"

"I have a black bra and black miniskirt. I'll put these on next." As Lynn took her bag of clothes and headed for the dressing room she smiled at Brad and Sam and said, "Dont go away guys, I'll be right back!"

With Lynn in the dressing room, Tom headed for the computer console and watched Lynn disrobe completely. She paused a few minutes to rub her hands over her pussy. Sam and Brad saw this and started slapping each other on the back for they knew that Lynn would be theirs before long.

Lynn couldn't control herself. She couldn't believe how she felt. She hadn't been this horny in years. She knew if she stayed, she would be having sex with men other than her husband for the first time and would be getting paid for the sex! And she accepted this. She wanted it more than ever. Anyway, she reasoned, the pictures will help my husband to get more excited with me at home and all should turn out great. Well there it was, Lynn had made her decision. She would stay, take more pictures and eventually fuck black men for the first time in her life. Lynn put on a black thong, the black miniskirt, black bra, and the black high heels. She knew she was hot and she blew a kiss into the mirror at herself as she left the dressing room.

The three men were still at the computer console, but quickly returned to the photo stage area as Lynn returned. All three whistled at Lynn and told her how hot she looked in black. She again began posing. After another 20 minutes Tom got her to remove the bra. Sam and Brad removed their shirts as well, since they stated it was so hot moving all of the lights around. Lynn definitely noticed their chiseled torsos.

Tom asked Lynn to remove her thong and pose bent forward over a chair with her skirt lifted. She hesitated only a second, but then complied and knew that Sam and Brad were getting an eyeful of her bare pussy and ass. The lights and action were getting to Lynn, she was perspiring a little and could feel herself getting more and more excited. She was lost in thought when she heard Tom say: "Lynn, do you have anymore outfits to pose in?"

"Yes, I have one more, a skin tight black see through bodystocking with a strategic opening you know where!"

"Well get it on and lets move forward with this shoot."

Lynn returned to the dressing room to put on her final outfit. Meanwhile Tom started to give precise directions to Sam and Brad. "OK you two, this is it. She is hot and ready as ever. Strip to your shorts and get the triangle out."

The triangle wasn't really a triangle at all. It was just three sticks of wood with a platform on top, each about medium height tall. It was called a triangle because the three posts were arranged so that if you drew a line connecting their positions, a triangle would be formed. Sam and Brad had used this before and knew exactly what to do. They set up the triangle on the photo stage and got the velcro straps attached to the posts open and ready to use.

When Lynn returned the first thing she noticed was that Sam and Brad were wearing nothing but tight shorts that really showed off what must have been huge cocks. She knew she would be seeing them soon. She was a little frightened, but thought she was ready for what was coming. She also saw that the photo stage had been rearranged and that three posts were now present.

Tom watched Lynn walk over and told her, "Dam! You have a fine body. That tight body stocking leaves little to the imagination and I like the view of your pussy it gives. You know what would make a great picture? Stand up straight, lock your knees, bend all the way over and grab your ankles and let me get a few shots from behind. Your breasts are great, but I want to see some pussy and ass now!"

Lynn agreed and posed as Tom requested. After several shots of this pose, Tom told Lynn that the final part of the shoot was ready and that she should go to the stage, stand in front of one of the posts and bend forward and grab the other two posts with her hands. She followed orders. The posts could be moved around a little to accomodate women of various sizes, so Brad and Sam moved them into a perfect postion for Lynn's 5'7" frame. The moment she was bent over, they wrapped the velcro bands around her wrists and then tied her ankles apart to two rings on the floor. This occurred so quickly that it happened without a protest from Lynn, but once she knew she was tied down she began to question what was going on.

"What are you guys doing?"

"Lynn, we know you agreed to this photo session, but based on past history we know that our web page clients really like to see a white women bound while she is taken. It would be a lot more money for you in the end. So, is it OK we proceed?"

"Well Tom if it wasn't OK, I would have left an hour ago. So let's get it on."

Sam and Brad set up more lights and cameras around Lynn and then stood in front of her smiling. She had a hard time holding her head up in this position but she looked at them as long as she could. They dropped their shorts as she stared at them. Lynn gasped at the site of the two naked men stroking their cocks which were getting larger and larger. She couldn't believe the size they were becoming and she began to wonder of she could actually take something that huge.

The men knew what she was thinking, they had taken enough white women to know their first thoughts. Sam stated, "Don't worry, you'll be taking these cocks soon enough." And with that said, Sam stepped forward, grabbed her head up by her blonde hair and forced his cock into her mouth.

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