Catholic Women Gets Hooked On Black  

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Catholic Women Gets Hooked On Black

First off let me say that this story is true and based on real life events women’s life that started to happen to her in 1948.

It was 1948 my best friend Karen and I got married in a double wedding. . We both grew up in conventional Catholic families. Karen, my friend’s hubby's name is Bill; mine is Jake. The two men were crazy about hunting, fishing, golf camping, and anything to do with the out of doors; so much so that the only way I ever saw Jake on weekends was if I went camping with him and his buddies and Bill..

Sex for Jake and I was never very regular, or even very exciting for that matter. He wasn't much for foreplay and once he had his climax he considered the game over. I found myself faking my orgasms most of the time. A box of condoms would last us over four years. Since a box contained 48 condoms, you know just how much sex we
had, do the math! Let me say here that some of the problem was my fault. I attended a Catholic school for girls and between the nuns and my mom I was taught that sex
was dirty and was good for one reason and that was to have kidsfor the church..

One cold March morning in 1961, I got on the bus to go to work; Karen had gotten on two stops ahead of me. Karen greeted me warmly but instead of my usual friendly response I just gazed out of the bus window and muttered something. Karen asked, "What's wrong with you?

"I've been sick this morning," I responded. "Vomiting my breast are sore, I think I've got the flue."

But I somehow knew it was morning sickness. I suspected that I was pregnant and I was scared to death ... but I knew just how it had happened. It had to be BJ!

Part II:

BJ I first met BJ, a black student, during my freshman year of collage in 1946. We were in a number of the same classes over the next four years. I grew very found of him but, in those days, even being seen with a black man automatically made a white women some kind of slut. I told Karen that I had a crush on him and she warned me about the social ramifications of getting involved with a black man. So he and I remained just good friends, which seemed to be ok with him.

When we finished collage, BJ went back east to teach. It wasn't until a number of years later that I meet him again. He was hired as the Music Director in the school system where I taught. I ran in to him one early fall afternoon as I was on my way to the office to turn in my lesson plans for the next week. We talked for a few moments in the hallway and parted, saying we would see each other later. It was a couple of weeks before I saw him again. He stuck his head in the door of my classroom and asked if I would like to meet him at a little off-campus coffee shop for lunch.

At lunchtime, I went to the shop across from the school and BJ arrived several minutes later. He made it look as though it was an accidental meeting, in order to protect me from snide gossip. We struck up a conversation, talked for a while, then said our good-byes.

We went on like this until February of the following year; short secret meetings with no kissing and no sex, just a close friendship.

Then in February he came by my room and asked me if I would like a ride home, and maybe stop for a drink. I knew Jake would be gone so I agreed. I told Karen that I would see her later that evening for our regular Friday evening date.

Well, my date with BJ went from drinks to dinner then to a little club he belonged to. It was a club for blacks with a couple of strippers and jazz music. It was a fun evening. It was at his club that I smoked my first joint of pot. It made me a little goofy, laughing at everything BJ said whether it was funny or not. We stayed at the club until midnight, then he asked me to stop by his place for a nightcap. I agreed and I will never be able to forget what happened that night.

When we got to his place I was still feeling the effects of the pot I had smoked. His town house seemed sexy with its white carpet, log burning fireplace, a littlebar, African-like touches and contemporary furniture. I found it to be very masculine, with nude art hung on walls painted in dark colors. It was beautifully done. I asked BJ to help me to his bathroom.

On the way down the hall he showed me his bedroom. Asking me if I liked it, I got the impression we would soon be spending some time in it. A huge oil painting of a naked lady hung over the head of his bed. I suddenly wished it had been a painting of me hanging there but of course I didn't tell him that.

When we got back to the living room, BJ lit a fire in the fireplace and fixed us drinks. We sat on a bearskin rug in front of the fireplace and talked. It wasn't long before his arm slipped around my waist and he turned my face to his to give me my first adulterous kiss. I hate to admit it but I responded with growing passion and a welling desire. I remember shivers running up and down my spine.

The drink, in conjunction with the pot I had smoked at the club, kicked in. The next thing I remember is JB bending over me, his huge fingers on the buttons of my sweater, undoing them and slipping it off my shoulders. I felt his hot breath as he started kissing my neck, then across me chest from shoulder to shoulder. All the while he was fondling my breasts though my bra. As he pulled my slip and bra straps off my shoulders, shivers shot through my body. Leaning down and lifting my face to his, he smiled at me and said, "I've loved you since we first met, Liz." Then I felt, for the first time since I had married Jake, the hands of another man cupping my naked double d breasts, sending shock waves up and down the length of my body. Bending forward, he kissed me gently and once again said, "I love you."

I felt the gentle touch of his hands fondling my body. My lips parted and his tongue became entwined with mine. We kissed for what seemed an eternity. I didn't want to leave his lips but he finally pulled his lips away to kiss my hot erect nipples for the fist time. My heart raced as BJ bent over me. My head lay in his lap and I could feel his growing erection as he kissed and sucked on my nipples.

Soon I felt one hand moving slowly up my inner thighs. I spread them slightly at his touch, welcoming his advance. Slowly, he worked his hand up my legs, reaching the bare flesh of my upper thighs. He broke off our kiss looking at me and whispered "I have brought you into my home and, for what will be done here to night, I ask no mans pardon.

I looked up into BJ's eyes and brushed his check with my fingertips. I kissed him and said, "I'm yours for the taking BJ. I love you very much and I need you so badly."

With that, my mind went on hiatus. My hand hit my drink glass and cold liquid spilled over the floor. The mood was broken.

BJ jumped up and said, "I'll get a towel and clean it up." While he was out of the room I replaced my bra and slip, then pulled my skirt back down, slipped my sweater over my shoulders and sat back down to await BJ's return. Sitting there alone in the glow of the fire, I started feeling like such a Fool! I had just frustrated BJ and destroyed the excitement and passion that had starting to build between us.

Returning to the living room BJ refused my offer to clean up the spilled drink. Finishing the cleaning himself, he took the towel back to the kitchen and returned to sit down beside me. Neither of us spoke until BJ looked at me and said "Are you ready for me to take you home?"

My heart sank, tears filled my eyes and I was at a complete loss as to how to answer his question. I felt so miserable over the very thought of not being held in his arms again, or feel the touch of his hands on my body. I had such wonton feelings swelling inside of me. I felt lustful and indulgent, with such a craving to touch and kiss his manhood and to feel it penetrate my body. I turned to BJ with tears filling my eyes. Reaching out to touch him on the cheek, I kissed him and asked, "Do you really want to take me home?"

Looking straight at me BJ said, "Baby when a woman puts her clothes back on, it's normal for a guy to think that she wants to be taken home; that she has no intention of staying the night."

I considered his words; it never dawned on me that this simple act would cause such a problem. I sat quietly for a few minutes, thinking over what he had just said. I searched for an appropriate way to reply to him without seeming to be some kind of depraved, submissive female. Yet this is just what I would be, so why not express my feelings and let him know how I felt?

I was uncertain about becoming so obviously lustful but finally, taking a deep breath, I said, "BJ, I guess I want to stay the night with you."

BJ responded, "You guess? What kind of an answer is that? Yes or no, none of this 'I guess' bullshit."

Taking another deep breath I looked at him and blurted out, "Yes, I want to!"

"Want to what baby?"

"I want to sleep up with you. I love you!" I threw my arms around his neck, and kissed him with a sense of relief for having resolved my feelings. I felt ecstatic.

BJ stood up and playfully told me he would make me a fresh drink if I promised not to spill it. When he returned, he placed my drink in one hand and a freshly
rolled joint in the other, telling me to take a couple drags, inhale slowly and hold it before exhaling. I did this several times, then gave it back to him, telling him to finish it.

We sat close together talking and smoking for awhile. Finally BJ rose and started for his bedroom. As he was leaving he said, "Button you're sweater baby. If you're
going to expose yourself to me I want you to perform a striptease."

I did as he asked and re-buttoned my sweater, then sat and waited for his return. As I waited, I rubbed my hands over my nipples. They were extremely sensitive and longed for the touch of his hands.

When he returned to the room he was wearing a bathrobe and carrying a camera. " First I'm going to take some photos of you stripping. Then, when you're bare ass naked, I want to get some close-up shots of your tits and ass baby and just maybe a few of you spreading open your cunt lips for me. Any problems with that?"

I laughed and jokingly responded, "No, not if you think I am worth wasting the film on."

He assured me it would not be a waste. Standing up, he walked over to the bar where he had a reel-to-reel tape recorder set up. Selecting a tape, he started the machine. While doing this, BJ told me that he wanted to see my ass wiggling and to make my boobs shake. "Baby you got a half hour of music, so take your time."
could feel the deep base notes of the music penetrate my whole being. They seemed to be the same notes, repeated over and over, dark and mysterious in their sound. In no time I was feeling the rhythm and BJ was soon watching me swaying and gyrating to its slow seductive beat. The movement of my hips and breasts seemed to be one with low vibrating rhythm. I closed my eyes and slowly began to strip away my clothing, all sense of virtue left was gone; I just wanted to fuck this beautiful man.

My sweater and skirt were already on the floor, and I was in the process of removing my slip, when BJ ordered me to hold it up full length by its straps and let it fall slowly to the floor. I did as I was told and, still dancing sensually, turned my body so that my back was to him. I wanted him to watch my ass bumping and grinding.

As I danced, I reached around and started to unsnap my bra fastener. Then I slowly pulled the straps off my shoulders. Holding my bra in one hand I tossed it over my shoulder to him, like a bride tossing her flowers. Cupping my hands over my breasts, I slowly turned toward BJ and, allowed my hands to slip away, exposed my bare breasts to the camera's view.

He ordered me to come to him and to leave my girdle on, I did as I was told and went to stand in front of him. He placed one hand on my on my ass and pulled me close
to him. Then reaching up he grabbed my breasts
and started to fondle them. It felt so wonderful I suddenly became short of breath. He then ordered me to squat over his mouth. I was puzzled by this request but not for long. "Get you hairy snatch over my mouth,
you fucking beautiful hot little bitch."

No man had ever talked to me like that before! It was exciting be to talked to that way. And I liked that because it was not going to be the last time he would treat me this way, it was something I could become accustomed to and enjoy.

I did as he asked and settled my pussy over his mouth. Without warning I felt his tongue on my clit. It took my breath away and I blurted out, "Oh, oh it feels wonderful! Don't stop!"

I grabbed his head in an effort to pull myself closer to his hot, darting tongue. He reached up to caress my breasts as I held myself tight against his probing tongue. He started to pinch my nipples, causing them to grow even harder and more erect. I felt a glow rising in my breasts. I was becoming so excited that I was close to an orgasm. The glow moved downward to my belly and I started to feel muscle spasms from my groin to my thighs. The spasms became stronger and longer lasting as I keep pulling myself tighter against his mouth, forcing his tongue as deeply as possible up into my cunt.

Suddenly my pussy muscles spasmed violently and I felt a firestorm racing through my entire body. I was washed with heat, the muscles from my asshole to my vagina
rapidly contracted and my pussy juices washed down over BJ's face. My legs became so weak I could hardly stand and I screamed "Oh God that's so fantastic!" I had
never experienced an orgasm like this before, not with Karen, and certainly not with Jake. I bent down and kissed him, but he pushed me away saying, "Go finish your dance."

I could barely stand but I did as he wished and resumed my dance with only my girdle and nylons left to remove. I turned my back to him once again and started to remover my nylons, slowly rolling them down my legs, allowing BJ to photograph this act if he chose to. Then, with my back still to BJ, I slipped my fingers under the waistband of my girdle. I slowly slipped it down my legs then, turning to expose my fully naked body to him, tossed my girdle at him, saying with a smile, "There, do I look worthy of shacking up with?"

"You bet your sweet ass you do baby." BJ then ordered me to lie down on the rug and pose for him. He took more pictures of my nude reclining body, then told me to open my legs and spread my cunt lips apart. I did as I was told while he moved the camera to within a foot of my crotch to obtain some extremely close-up shots of my wet gaping pussy. Then he set the camera aside for the evening.

BJ sat down beside me and started sucking on my nipples, slowly running his free hand down my body until he was fingering my love spot. My body once more began responding to his touch. I slowly spread my legs apart, allowing his hand free access to my most private areas.

As he began caressing my genital area, my breasts tingled and I felt that warmth moving down my body. Then it hit me like a blazing firestorm again, only this time with more intensity, hard and deep within my body. I squirmed and whimpered, then my ass jerked up off the floor in an effort to drive his finger deep inside of me. "Oh BJ, whatever you're doing don't stop... please don't stop!" I begged him. He kept going and I lost all control over my body. I couldn't stop the orgasms. They came like waves hitting a beach, one after the other.

At last I had to ask him to let me rest a minute and have a sip of my drink.

As I sat up and took my glass, BJ said, "Your sex life with Jake will be real dull after tonight baby." I had to agree with him and, thought to myself, it already is lover!

Standing up, BJ stood at my feet and removed his bathrobe. My eyes stared at his magnificent tool; it was so huge it made poor Jake's look like a little plaything. Jake's was maybe six inches long when it was fully erect but BJ's, even though it was still only semi-erect, looked to be at least nine inches. I was sure that I would never be able to get the head of that enormous thing in my mouth if he asked me to. I also felt that it was sure to hurt when he tried to penetrate me with it...

I set my drink down as he knelt in front of me. Lifting my legs over his shoulders, he bent down and buried his face in my pussy. I felt his tongue jabbing its way between the folds of saturated pussy, greedily licking up the sweet richness of my honey tasting sex juice. My orgasms started all over again and he just made them more intense by not letting up on his sucking and licking.

At last he lay down beside me and ordered me to suck his cock. I tried but could not get it into my mouth;
it was just too big. I kissed up and down the length of it and gently sucked his balls into my mouth. That was the best I could do but it must have been enough because he soon told me to straddle his hips and lower my self onto his cock.

This was my first experience of being on top of a man. Just as I positioned his cock-head between the lips of my pussy, BJ thrust his hips upward, driving himself into me. I let out a shriek, feeling a mixture of delight and pain as he penetrated me. He began to slide it in and out, pushing deeper with each stroke until finally I felt our crouch hairs entwine. As I lay forward against his chest and started rocking back and forth, my excitement grew until I could delay it no longer. I grabbed BJ, around the neck, kissing and hugging him as I went off, caught up by some involuntary rhythms of my body's eruptions as it spasmed over and over.

BJ moved me onto my back and placed my legs over his shoulders so that my feet were nearly against to my ears. He asked me before he started, "Do we need a
condom because I don't have any if we do." I looked into his dark eyes and drew him close to me, kissing him deeply.

"BJ I love you. Do me any way you want to," I whispered.

With that, he started to hump his cock rapidly in and out of my pussy. Suddenly my whole body became his sex-toy. All I could do was hang on, I was helpless to stop
him. I became lost in gorgeous feelings he was giving me with his male dominance, but I couldn't think at all. All I could do was feel and hang on.

Then BJ let out a snort and yelled, "Oh fuck! I can't hold out any longer. I'm coming."

My body pinned down by the weight of his body and his huge tool hammering into me. I moaned, "It's ok baby, shot your load into me, it's ok. I need it, please...Do it!"

After it was over and we lay there side by side on the floor talking, he started to gently finger my clit again, pushing it into my sex hole and ...oh wow... it all started again.

After what seemed like hours of joy, I must have fallen asleep because it was morning when I woke up in BJ's bed. He kissed me and asked if I was ready for something breakfast.

The next Saturday BJ and I went to the club again and I did my striptease, dancing naked for half a dozen men. When BJ and I got back to his place that night we had
fantastic sex. The next Saturday BJ invited two of his friends from the club over and I experienced my first foursome, with my mouth full of one man and both sex-
holes filled by the other two.

Getting fucked in the ass was a new experience for me and at first it hurt terribly. However, I soon grew accustomed to it and, before the evening was over, was enjoying it immensely.

I soon got the reputation for being a nigger loving whore.I was in my fifty mouth when my husband came home early from a golf outing and found me in bed with one of B.J’s. friends he. had ask me to entertain. That was the last my husband and I spoke, he filed for a divorce. on grounds of adultery . As for me I gave birth to the baby and gave it up for adoption. That more than anything broke my heart. I had ever done in my life was the most difficult.

It was about a year later that I want to a party where a lot of black guys were going to be. I was ask if I would do a striptease for the guys and I did. T hen I started to dancing with them unclothed, except for my nylon stocks and shoes that I lift on. It was not long before gang banging started night by fifteen different guys.I was pregnant again only this time I had no idea who the father was. I gave birth to triplets. B.J. liked how I looked when I was pregnant to the point of making sure that I was would be
pregnant ever year after and for the next ten years giving birth to four more of his children and five by his friends. Then before my biological clock ran out I gave birth to a set of twins.

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