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Anal sex is not something that is experienced exclusively by gay men; it is experienced on a regular basis by heterosexual couples. Men and women of all walks of life enjoy anal sex as an alternative to everyday lovemaking. It’s not for everyone, but anal sex may be what you’re looking for if you want to try something completely different.

Why do people enjoy anal sex?
Anal sex is enjoyable because of the rich body of nerve endings in the anus. While people often experience pain when first attempting anal sex, as you learn to relax, the pain often subsides into pleasure. For men, anal sex offers stimulation to the prostate, an organ that provides the rush of pleasure during orgasm. You can also insert your own fingers during masturbation.

To prepare yourself for anal sex, the first thing to do is learn to relax. This may include a hot bath beforehand, an erotic massage or even just a good workout. The sphincter muscles around the anus will not allow things to pass through easily unless you relax and take it slow. Always pay attention to your partner to indicate whether or not they are comfortable.

Slow & Easy Does It
Do not start with something the size of a dildo or penis. Start with a well lubricated finger. Take the finger and arouse the surface of the anus by making small circular motions as you go. Slowly attempt to push your finger slightly inside the anus. Do not force your hand - stop if your partner complains of discomfort. If it is difficult to enter the anus, use more lubrication. If it is too uncomfortable stop and try again later. Later may mean some other time. Think of this process as training for later anal encounters. Even a finger can provide intense stimulation when inserted in the anus.

Finally, use your common sense. The rectal wall curves and is thin, be aware that long, hard objects can tear your insides. Don't wear any jewelry on your hands, and cut your fingernails if you are going to put your finger in someone's anus.

Experiment, there are many more positions and techniques to try. Find the one that suits you best. Good communication is the key to such discovery, and a manual or video can help as well.

Liberal amounts of lubrication are necessary because the rectal wall can be quite sticky and is subject to tearing and lesions if not kept lubricated. Never use Vaseline or any other petroleum oil based lube. Use plenty of water soluble lubrication when you try anal sex. I recommend Ease, it has a spermicidal that is believed to decrease HIV, or astrolabe, although it tends to be a little light. We especially like a lubricant called WET. It seems to stay around for a while. Use lots of lubricant. No such thing as too much lube. The more lube you use, the more comfortable you will be. You should remember that your anus and rectum do not have their own natural lubrication nor the kind of elasticity the mouth and vagina enjoy.

Condom Use
Condoms are another necessity. Enemas, douches and other cleaners will not be able to get all the germs and bacteria out of the rectum. Not only is anal sex facilitate the transmission of STDs better than any other form of sex, it can also cause urinary tract infections and other bacterial diseases. Latex protection is essential, and can offer additional slickness. If your partner is not 100% familiar and safe you should by all means use a condom. Many couples use one during anal sex regardless of how much they know each other.

Finger Insertion

Postillioning is inserting a finger(s) into the anus, and may include massaging it and the rectum. The index or middle finger is best used, being long and strong. The finger must be well lubricated with spit or oil or lubricant (don't use any thing with soap, this will have an enema effect), and then placed at the anal opening. The outside can be caressed in circles and mild probes. You can trace warm wet rings around the outside of the anus. This is usually a very warm experience and helps relax the area. Make insertion by pressing gently and firmly inwards, wobbling the tip of your finger a little as necessary.

After inserting a finger you can massage by pressing outward in a circle, tensing and calming it, trying to curl your finger around its side, feeling its touch through the skin. While you’re being explored push out, like you are going to take a shit, this will intensify the feeling.

Once inside feel the thick, strong, muscular ring which is the anus and beyond it the soft sides of the rectum. Keep your fingertip beyond the anus, or contraction of the muscle will cause the finger to pop out. Once your finger is inside you can explore around, pushing it in as far as it will go, curling it around the anus, flicking it back and forth. Next you can insert two (or more) fingers, seeing how far you can bend them apart. Push them apart inside as a way to stretch and loosen the anus. Just having the finger(s) positioned inside while sucking on her clit or fingering her pussy can be very orgasmic. Sliding them up and down in her ass at orgasm can double or quadruple the intensity of the orgasm.

Extreme finger fucking can become fist fucking, which is insertion of the whole hand while rapidly thrusting your fist and arm into the anus.

Once you have successfully penetrated with a finger a number of times then you can move towards something that is a bit larger. Practice stretching, tensing and calming your anus around the finger until it can be widened easily and painlessly.


Rimming is also called "analingus" and it’s another way to explore the rear end. It involves licking, tonguing, and sucking the anus. Analingus is nice as a part of Around the World - kissing and tonguing the body all over. You can lick across the anus in soft, wet strokes, or encircle it, going round and around softy and slowly.

You can flick the tongue-tip rapidly, or insert it inside as far as it'll go, pushing and stroking back and forth. You can brush the lips gently over the anus, or suck hard on the anus, as if trying to draw it out. This is especially nice if combined with tongue insertion. If, while you're being rimmed, you push down and relax the anus as if shitting, it will expand a little outwards, giving more area to caress and even nibble at. It's also nice to combine analingus with tonguing and sucking at her clit. In fact, the whole area between the legs is soft and sensitive to touching and licking.

What Type of Stimulation Do You Enjoy?

1. Do you enjoy the movement of a finger, and the feeling of entry and withdrawal? If so, then you may want to try penetration with your partner's penis or using an anal toy.

Later, you might want to try a dildo (a straight, smooth, round tipped object like those found in sex shops). It's a good idea to use something that won't break, such as plastic or rubber. Glass objects can sometimes shatter. Candles are popular, but there is the risk of it breaking and leaving half stuck inside, so be careful.

2. For those who enjoy the feeling of penetration more than motion or vibration, try butt plugs which are designed specifically for this purpose. A butt plug sits inside the anus, and not usually used for thrusting back and forth.

The easiest thing to do is rotate your rear in a circular way, as he thrusts. A tricky and subtle thing is to learn how to squeeze your anus, tight and loose, to fondle his penis more and start vibrating, growing ripples up and down your rectum. You'll know if you're moving in good ways, because you'll feel a rhythmic flow inside and out.


Spoons is a good starting position. Each partner lays on their side, one behind the other. This helps prevent the penetrating partner from going too fast, and allows complete control over penetration. It also brings you closer to your partner so you can judge their reaction to what you’re doing.

Missionary position has the receiving partner lay on their back while the penetrating partner approaches from on top. The penetrating partner lifts up the calves or shins of the receiver, exposing the anus. This can be an especially intimate position, with both partners facing each other. The ‘top’ partner can masturbate the other and is open to massage and cuddling as well.

Rear entry or the ‘doggie style’ is the one position most people associate with anal sex. However, rear entry allows a penis or anal toy to penetrate most deeply, and may not be the best choice for the beginner. This position allows the deepest penetration and permits the receiver to better open the anus for entry. Rear entry doesn’t offer the kind of intimacy or ease of communication that the other positions do, but for more advanced lovers, can offer the greatest amount of thrusting and penetration.

Full front has the woman lie on her back, drawing her knees up to her chest and over the shoulders of the man, who presses down on her face to face. You can place a pillow under the pelvis to raise it even higher, or the man can push the woman’s feet over her head. This position allows for easy penetration and very deep entry.

Bending over is a favorite position is a standing one, in which both the man and the woman stand up, facing the same way, and the woman bends over at the waist, using a wall, table, or other support. This can also be done on the knees, rather than the feet, at the edge of the bed. When both partners are not of the same height at the waist, some adjustment will have to be made. This position is convenient to use outdoors. It allows easy penetration and full movement if there is something solid around to hang onto.

Stomach position has the woman lie flat on her stomach. Hips may be raised a little on a pillow if you like. This allows her to relax more and her hands are free. The man lies on top, he can also be more relaxed, and have free hands. Penetration using this method is not as easy and you are not able to thrust as deeply. The woman is rather restricted in her movements using this position.

From the stomach position, both partners can roll over on their sides, still facing the same way, with one leg drawn up. This position allows bodily relaxation plus free hands to explore and caress. Entry is easy and fairly deep with this position. Movement is somewhat limited, though vigorous thrusting is still easy once you get used to the posture.

Above position has both partners roll over on their sides, still facing the same way, with one leg drawn up. This position allows bodily relaxation plus free hands to explore and caress. Entry is easy and fairly deep with this position. Movement is somewhat limited, though vigorous thrusting is still easy once you get used to the posture.

Straddle position is great because it allows the woman to control the speed and depth of penetration. Have the man lay flat on his back on the bed, the woman then straddles him and slides her ass back to meet his hard penis. Penetration is easy in this position and entry can be deep. His hands are free to caress her breasts or even slide down to massage her clit while she slides up and down on his penis.

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