A Saturday Morning Fantasy  

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9/13/2005 9:41 pm

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A Saturday Morning Fantasy

A Saturday Morning Fantasy

I lay sleeping in your arms cuddled close with my back to your chest. Your arm under my shoulders, cuddling me holding me close. I have one knee bent upwards towards my chest. You move my hair off my neck and kiss my neck gently. I moan softly in my sleep.

You take your finger and trace the side of my body with it. When you get to my hips you move your hand to my pussy. You rub my clit softly. I moan again in my sleep stirring softly. You move your finger down and slowly and gently side it in me. You say "Mmmm sooooo wet". You gently fuck my pussy with your finger until I wake.

I turn my head and you kiss me and continue to finger me. I reach back and find your cock and stroke you softly. Mmmm... you are so hard. I start to roll onto my back and you tell me to stay as I am you like this position I am in. I say ok. Your finger then slides down to my asshole.

You gently rub the opening for the longest time while you kiss me. You slowly guide your finger up my ass and I jump. You pay no attention and shove it in me all the way. I cry out and you tell me to "shhhh, relax baby". You tell me now that my vagina is no longer virgin you want to do the same to my ass. I make no comment either way. Just simply tell you I trust you. You withdraw your finger and tell me we need to lube my tight ass in order to take you. You reach to the night stand and grab a tube of something and put some on my asshole *gasp* I tell you it is cold. You chuckle. You push your finger back in me to lube the inside. Your finger slides in much easier and you fuck my ass freely. You slide a second finger in and I moan. I tell you it hurts. You ignore me and slide a 3rd in. I complain now asking you to stop. You with draw the 3rd finger but keep 2 in me fucking my ass hard. You pull your fingers out slowly and tell me you are going to get me used to your cock size with a dildo. You tell me it will be painful at first but I will relax enough to love it. You reach to your night stand again and pull out a rather large dildo.

You lube it up well. You place it at the opening of my asshole and leave it set there. You start kissing me hard. Your hand arm that is under me your wrap around my shoulder holding me tight. Kissing me harder and harder. I release your cock and hold onto your arm which is wrapped around me. You slowly push the head if the dildo in my ass. I scream out. You hold me tight and stop kissing me and tell me to relax saying the pain will ease up soon. You slowly push it in me deeper and I scream out again. You tell me to relax baby and bear down. You keep pushing until it is completely up my ass. I struggle to move away and you just hold me tighter keeping the dildo in place in my ass. I lay in your tight hold tears welling up in my eyes as I feel the walls of my ass searing in pain as they stretch to accommodate this huge plastic cock. You hold the dildo in my ass with your leg and reach down and start rubbing my clit. Rubbing, tugging, pinching it.

I moan out as I feel my cunt tingle with excitement. Your shove 2 fingers up my cunt keeping your thumb on my clit. You finger me hard. I scream out as I orgasm. Soon as you feel my cunt start to spasm you pull your fingers out and start fucking my ass. I cum hard shaking violently. My cunt spasms over and over. You release your grip on me and roll me onto my tummy telling me to get on my knees and lay my head onto the pillow. I do as I am told. With the dildo still shoved far up my ass you get behind me and start fingering my cunt again and fucking my ass wildly with the fake cock. Again I come and you praise me and tell me I am a hot little bitch and you like that!

You rub my clit bringing me to yet ANOTHER orgasm. Your slowly pull the dildo out of my ass and insert your cock in it’s place. You start fucking me wildly holding on to my hips pounding into me tight ass. You moan out how TIGHT and hot it is. I grip the sides of the bed feeling your cock pummel into my tiny ass. I take on your rhythm and start to move my ass with your motion. You like this and moan out "Come on baby, yeaaaaaaa that’s it baby". Fuck with me. Mmmm Yeaaaaa baby. To my own surprise and yours I reach back and shove my index finger in my asshole along side your dick. You scream out that this is fantastic and you pound me hard cumming into my asshole. I feel your hot cum fill me. You withdraw yourself and lay on your tummy beside me. You are exhausted. You lean over and kiss me laying your arm across my back and fall back to sleep.

As do I....

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