Oh the power I hold in my hands  

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3/8/2005 3:22 pm

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Oh the power I hold in my hands

T o start I would like to say, Thank you for reading my blog, This is my first blog ever, some of you may find me to be outright disgusting, others may find me to be interesting and others, I just dot know.

I have been a Gold member of AdultFriendFinder for sometime now, where that has gotten me, well not laid, maybe a little faster customer service, and a little bit poorer, but Since I enjoy looking at real people and reading real persons fantasies and likes and dislikes, rather than something that was written by a man trying to be a woman {yes sometimes that does happen here too) there are allot of genuine people on here.

I am a video producer by trade, send me a reply about seeing some of the music videos I have made and if you have a high-speed connection, you can see my work.

I started out in video when I was in the Army in kansas, I went tornado chasing. I was soon asked by other people if I could come video tape them with their husband and wives. So my first video job was porn. After the Army, i was employed as a land surveyor for severla years, then went to college to become a video producer. I have worked in the private and news industies. I currently produce a LIVE Blues show onto the internet every Thursday night at 8 PM, eastern, so if you want a link to that just reply.

What should I do with this blog, Should I talk about my sexual adventures, About my tries at finding a cure for Mr winky to stand at attention, Or my fantasies about certain members I see on these pages. Discuss my willingness to enjoy diffent body types. Some people like thin some like fat, I love it all. C'Mon, when you go to a buffett, do you just eat the rice?

Well til next time

Blog Out

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