Judging is a wasted energy  

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9/28/2005 5:11 pm

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Judging is a wasted energy

Layers upon layers of judgements, always out of ignorance. Our goal should always be to enlighten,provide all the neccessary information for one to make an appropriate decision. Part of my job is to enlighten and educate as stigma and descrimination are overwelming to the people I work with. My job is not to tell anyone they are wrong and that is never my goal. It is to give them all the information, as many either grew up with a certain belief or have inadequate or misinformation. Some lack exposure and that to is important to helping them see the whole picture. My end outcome of course is to bring them into my light so that the people I work with can receive support, understanding and an overall better quality of life. But judgements alone offer nothing. Some have the ability to see that they need a better understanding of things and are motivated to pursue it in hopes of being able to make an informed decision. While others need guidance, encouragement to rethink or open up to the possibility that they may be wrong. I see it as everyones responsibilty to ensure that all people are provided with the knowledge neccessary to make their own informed dicision. Informed being the key word here. It doesn't do anyone justice to allow someone to roam through their lives ignorant and knowing no better. Everyone has preconceived notions, either through lack of experience, upbringing, misinformation or lack of information. We need to clue each other in on the many sides and views offered on any one topic.


9/29/2005 9:20 am

Well stated.

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