Time wasters  

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9/9/2006 2:30 am

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10/16/2006 12:10 pm

Time wasters

I have chatted to several people on this site the majority are genuine but there are some out there who are just complete time wasters.

There are 2 that come to mind not sure whether I can name them but one is in my network and to give you a clue she is loves cock, see if you can work out who she is, if it is a she.

Anyway we were having a chat on the messenger service here, god it is pretty crap - keeps on crashing. She is from the states. She claims to be coming to the UK this month and wants to meet up but when you press for more information it all goes quiet. why do people think that they can say all this crap, do they think we will get off on it.

I could go on as there are more actually here is an interesting one. Mandy Banks you know who you are. A really stunning pictures. well this one claimed to have no friends no family and no fuck buddies. Hard to believe, the woman in the picture would turn the head of a blind man. So there we were chatting having a laugh and again things did not add up. She was obviously not who she said she was. Kept on coming out with a load of bullshit, all she wanted was my email address to send me pictures because she said that she was unable to send pictures through AdultFriendFinder instant messenger. What a load of bullshit. I basically told her she was a liar and to get lost.

Well I was online a few weeks later and bang she starts messaging me. she obviously forgot who I was, not that difficult really. So me being me played along, asked her some questions pretending I forgot who she was. She contradicted herself from our previous chat. I then told her she was a fake and to go get a life. Surprisingly this did not go down too well. Thankfully never heard from her again.

So is it me or do others get this time wasting from fake members.

I apologise if I quiz people who I am chatting to, to see whether they are real but I am not interested in fantasy and fakes.

Hope this blog does not bore anyone first time for me.

Let me know your thoughts.


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