Where Are You My Luvely  

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9/6/2006 6:51 pm
Where Are You My Luvely

OK, so we pay our pennies,
When does the ride start ?

I been here a fortnight, done wot I supposed to do,(I think?) made a fool of myself a dozen times. (Is that wot I paid for?)

Actually hit gold once, or rather she did, yeah unbeleivable. Said she been hit on by such bunch a weirdo's, she hit on me "Someone who sounded normal".

Great gal too, we hit it off well, a few days later she goes cold ... What was that all about.. presume I was a safe harbour ... now the storm has passed ??

Anyway, I digress.

Made a fool of myself a few times, well not really, not one of them said in their profile that they would not be interested in what they now find so inpalatable .... well I cannot really complain, at least they bothered.

Its taught me to go back and double check that I am not leading false hopes.

But where do I go from here ?.

Yes, that is a question !

Do feel free to answer ?
Ide like to feel thats a question for ladies to answer, but I suppose .... "Any Port In A Storm". Any Mega Sucessful guys got any tips. .... and no, I will not be getting my dick published worldwide. ... not that I can imagine that could possibly help.

I mean hell guys, lets face it, there cannot possibly be an uglier, greater turn off. surely ?I am as proud as the next guy, but even the hansomest dick cannot be more attractive than the ugliest face ?

..... Come on gals, a little back up please ?

No, you see I am not here for a quick jump, I've never in my life said "No", to shag on a first date, but never have I ever contacted her again.

Oh, by the way, (he says hurridly shutting the gate after the horse has bolted), in this cyber dating biz, all the chatting online, by phone etc ARE counted as dates, so its not necessary to say "No" just coz its the first time we've actually come face to face.

And to you guys with that incredulous look on your face, tell me seriously, that a shag with someone you just met is better, or even nearly as good as a shag with someone youve known a while and come to really like/love.

If you can say so, then you are a Stud, go see a vet, they have machines to milk stallions with.

Anyway, I do feel a little better, having vented off, just hope you all chip in with constructive comments to solve my dilemma('s).

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