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Change is sometimes followed by loneliness. Saying goodbye to old friends when you move, missing a family member after divorced, coping with the loss of someone special after a death-all of these can bring feeling of loneliness.

Most loneness passes in time. If it turns into depression, low self-esteem, and alienation from others, however, loneness should not be ignored.

Taking steps like these will help:
 Talk to someone about your feelings. A parent, sibling, friend, or trusted teacher or religious leader can help.
 Maintain a relationship with your parents. Share your joys and sorrows. Make an effort to share activities.
 Speak to someone you would like to get to know better. Make the first friendly gesture.
 Find ways to help others. Even small acts of kindness build relationships.
 Get involved in school activities. Volunteer-don’t wait to be asked.
 Avoid comparing yourself with others. Focusing on differences tends to isolate people and deepen loneliness.
 Allow for mistakes in forming relationships. The people you are reaching out to make them too.
 Be patient. Relationships take time to grow

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ty for this, i somehow got here by accident, i am a witch and know that accidents like this don't just happen. i was depressed and crying and needed these well and again ty.

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