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6/16/2006 8:33 pm

I was at work when two couples kept smiling at me. when the time came to leave work, I went to the condoment stand,grabbed some napkins and a straw for my drink and started leaving when my manager rikki called out see ya later and I said see ya later and the two couples said have a nice weekend and used my first name. I had changed out of uniform so my name tag was not on. I looked at them and smiled but was obviously wondering who they were lol. they turned and said you do not recognise us do you and I admitted no I do not. and they said well we are with awf and I said ohhh and blushed. they asked me how I was and how my husband was and I said fine and we talked a bit. Very nice people and said look on my profile to contact me lol. yep I was flirting but could not let my manager know this lol. he would think I was trying to cheat on my hubby lol. if he knew I think he would be shocked. WE talked a little about awf and said what a good sight it was. I left a few minutes later with them saying before I did that they would not of minded seeing if I had my bra on or not under my blue tank top and I said it was on lol. any way they came back a few days later and they flirted with me and I admitt I flirted with them. they were fun to flirt wiht. The two men were not that bad looking(ok so I am bias when it comes to my husband lol. what wife isnt?) and the women were very hot looking. one wore this tight tank that set off her boobs really weel. you could definitly see who was wearing a bra with her lol.

we have met with some people from awf and gotta say it has been fun meeting them. Iwish we could meet up with this one other couple because they were very nice people and they made a very hot couple.

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