Web camming  

funlovingcpl372 49M/50F
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6/16/2006 8:14 pm
Web camming

Had someone told me years ago I would do this I would of laughed and said yeah right lol. My husband decided to do the web camming bit last month. Unfortauntly our pc would freeze at times right when the fun was getting going. Either he would be ready to come or I would and then we noticed the frozen part and groaned.

WE would not be deterred though and began doing this every night sometimes not getting to bed untill after midnight on week nights which posed problems for us both being we got up 4 hours later lol. any way.........

last night I came in and found my sexy man camming it up. so I stretched out and began stroking him and having him and grrr the camera froze on us...it stopped broadcasting when ever we tried to see what friends were possibly watching us We finally did finish what we started but it was very frustrating. I wonder if anyone else is having similair problems with their broad casting?

I think web camming is addictive as well lol. you may say not tonight but you end up doing it and totally forgetting what time it is.

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