You know who and work.. go on have a read!  

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5/19/2006 8:04 am

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You know who and work.. go on have a read!

My day continues…

That last blog has made my poor brain hurt like hell. Took me back to the days when thinking was obligatory, hated it.

As most of you know by now (!!?), some of my work entails pontificating in front of people who know everything and my presence is as welcome as black plague.
Most of them have to listen because their managers have employed the services of “an expert” in order that the “self development programme” is continued unabated.
I really resent being introduced or in any way called “an expert.” I used to puff out my chest and feel very self important initially until a wise old man gave me the definition of the word ( according to him and he did engender much respect).
Ex = has been, used to be, is no more
Spert = drip under pressure

So people, never aspire to be an expert at anything, you’ll be nowhere!

Work is horrendous today, half the office staff off and 1/3 of everyone else. I’m answering the phones to our delightful customers, aren’t customers wonderful?

Now here’s a thought, when we become “customers” why does our sense of reason, tact, love of man etc transform miraculously into unreasonable pig headedness when we can’t have what we want NOW!!?? Strange phenomena that one.

Just had a client on the phone demanding all sorts of ridiculous things and I, (in my inimitable manner), enquired which part of the words “cannot do” she would like me to expand upon. This caused apoplexy and an extreme raising of her blood pressure as she demanded to speak to my manager. I informed her that his name was God and he only worked Sundays and rarely, if ever, answered the phone. After a short pause I was informed she was a catholic (?) and she was seriously thinking of reporting my blasphemy?? I think I’m in trouble, can’t imagine who she’s going to report me to!

Any way, yesterdays comments by A.. yes I know, dish the dirt!
Sorry to disappoint, no dirt!!
Did as I said, took a drive, can’t have me answering questions like that impersonally, and had a coffee. Yesterday was a really BIG coffee day for me, Brazil must have increased its exports. Think the hormonal condition had decided on a slight dose of self doubt and depression so administered a short verbal therapy. Now anyone that believes my interpretation of “short” is obviously a newcomer here!

Was subjected to a tirade of how stretch marks and saggy bits meant no more dreams to be a model, that sort of thing. Being a practical man I asked her to stand up. She did and we ascertained that she was around 5’5”- 5’6” approx. This was agreed and verified by elimination of objects and people whose exact height was known. The discussion continued with a guess of the average height of a fashion model and was agreed at 5’9” or above. By a process of elimination we agreed that no amount of stretch marks or perceived saggy bits had encroached upon these ambitions. It was that ever cruel Mother Nature that was the culprit. So that settled that!!
As per my not being able to stop feelings etc. that’s another issue, which will run the course of time. I’ve never controlled or wanted to control another persons emotions and that will not change. Another aspect that will not change is my determination not to have a physical relationship with her. Said it from the start, nothing can change that, its not correct in her emotional or physical condition.
I can and will be a good friend and supportive when and where needed. There can be no reliance on emotions that may be fuelled totally by need, its too unstable a foundation.
‘A’ knows and understands all this and is intelligent enough to recognise the logic, too many people jump into something that’s right for the minute and wrong for the hour.

Oh, oh, getting too deep again….. so, suffice to say that we both understand that her emotions are somewhat unpredictable at the moment and will take each challenge as it presents itself. That should make interesting blog comments!

I’ve just noticed how much I wrote today for this blog, 2 blogs in one day. God, you must be suffering!

This could very easily turn into a novel but, judging by the number of readers, it’ll never make the best seller lists! Oh, who cares, I like writing! Hope you like reading… ohh, just a little.

As I write I am alternating between the MSN with A and my musings so it is amusing me, why, I do not know, I’m pathetic!

Silly bugger has just asked me to marry her!! Unfortunately can’t make it Tuesday, got Bingo! She was joking incidentally, believe me!

So, how the Hell have I written so much today when I’ve been answering the phone every 4 minutes? I really do not know! The girls who usually do this task I do not give the credit that is due to them. Answering these calls day in day out must create a real stressful situation at times. I herby make a pledge to lighten their workload as much as I can. ( You notice no pledges of increased salaries?!) I even turned the ringer off so just the lights are flashing. It’s like a bloody disco here!

Been told that I’ve not to answer any more by the girls. Apparently, lots of complaints regarding sarcasm, can’t imagine who that could be. I merely ask questions eg. Come and pick up these goods and take them to Glasgow. A : No problem, when Q: Now, I want them there before 9am in the morning A: No, can’t do that Q: Why f*****g not A: Because its 3 o-clock in the afternoon, that’s after lunchtime by the way, and you’re too late. Q: Why is it too f*****g late? You’ve still got 18 hours.(aggressive tone) A: Thank you firstly into your enquiries regarding my sex life but I do keep the details to myself, we cannot do the job because I didn’t know you’d be ringing at this time, otherwise I’d have had a lorry and driver standing by at my expense in anticipation. Plus to get it there legally you would need 2 drivers so I’d charge you 42 hours overtime and if I told you the price you’d swear at me and I’m sensitive. Q: Your not f*****g helping me ( almost screaming) A: Your right, please accept my apologies, my advice and assistance is that if you have goods you want delivering hundreds of miles away and want to be assured of a reasonable chance of success you organise yourself properly to let the carrier know in good time. Q: Bollocks A: Then I’m afraid we couldn’t do the job anyway, we don’t carry livestock.
At this point the phone went dead. My reaction would have been different if the manner and tone of his voice had been less arrogant but, first impressions were not good and you do not get a second chance at them!

I thought I handled the situation with the correct amount of modicum and diplomacy, assumed that the customer is always right ( even if somewhat intellectually challenged and prone to swearing) and went further, assisted his business for future orders they may get. Job was a good one but, the girls in the office found it somewhat amusing and on being told of the conversation banned me from the phones. I was starting to have fun too!!!

Anyway, going away now for a short time so I’ll probably write again in the morning. Be here at 4.30am. Will you?

Have fun and be safe, all of you

thingsarelukinup 33F

5/21/2006 1:11 am

Jus wrot 1 4 u babe, dont get upset

wil u be abl to reist wen im slim and bewtiful agen lol
im wurkin on u n im gud at it

c u later

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