funintheday2006 57M
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6/18/2006 3:16 am

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There I was, one foot on the 11 and the other on the 59, standing guard as vigilant as a meercat as keen eyed as an eagle.
Blinked, missed it and it sneaked by, that burglar of time.
So thats it, mid life crisis over, slippery slope downhill from here on in.

Mind you, it has got its benefits: If your 25 or under, FUCK OFF, Im too old for you, I dont do neurotic, I dont do Radio 1, I dont even fucking understand the music or the latest must have fashions. And get this I DONT FUCKING WANT TO. Get yourself a dildo or something, leave my playstation alone.

And another thing I FUCKING HATE BIRTHDAYS, min especially

phoenix639 50F

6/18/2006 3:54 am

Happy Birthday sweetie.[/COLOR]

funintheday2006 replies on 6/18/2006 4:33 am:
Oh, thans Phoeny, dont be a stranger

JuicyBBW1001 56F

6/18/2006 4:37 am

Happy Birthday and you know I always say I am 21 with 23 years experience


funintheday2006 replies on 6/18/2006 4:43 am:
Mmmm! Ex rang me just now
" You know your another year older today and you still haven't grown up!"
Fuck growing up, adults are so boring, mortgage, work, food bi9lle, cars, Blah Blah Blah.

freetime648 53F

6/18/2006 7:26 am

Well like it or will have these happenings at least once a stopping them now...but Have a Happy B-day anyhow...and no that does not mean have a happy potty break!!! (get it...B-day = Badet)....oh whatever....I hate today.... But you have a good one...

xx FREETIME648 xx

funintheday2006 replies on 6/18/2006 12:23 pm:
AT LEAST once a year?? Oh no. Im gonna be 100 before I know it. Im sorry hon, my thoughts of 'badat' rmind me of home...., now why is that?

maverick1255 52M
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6/18/2006 1:20 pm

Yea, that dreaded day comes rolling around again. I just ignore it, until it is over.

Cool, looking at your profile and seeing the age roll over!! LOL!

Take it easy old man!


funintheday2006 replies on 6/18/2006 1:23 pm:
You are the No. 500 comment on my blog and I was going to give a prize of kissing my willy, that has now changed. Kiss my arse!

Hey Mav, dont forget to get yourself Blogariged to as many women who will have you, cant wait to seee your blogivorce rate!!

florallei 100F

6/19/2006 9:19 am

Hello Fun,

"A toast to celebrate your acceptance of the reality of life...just around the corner is enjoy now for in our hearts it remains forever young."


funintheday2006 replies on 6/19/2006 9:26 am:
Oh, my heart is young, my mind is juvenile and my maturity that of a teenager. My problem is they are trapped in this prison of a decrepit old body that I want to trade in for a leter model!!

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