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6/4/2006 9:05 pm

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Well it had to happen didn’t it???

What a fucking idiot!!

Did a talk yesterday pm, left before the usual backslapping, ego massaging, loud voices raised to impress in the bar etc as I normally do. Adds to my mystery too, they always ask me questions and that I don’t like to answer if I aint being paid!!!

So sunny day, 2 hour drive and been stuck indoors for 85 years.

What do you do? You stop the car in a layby and go for a walk across a beautiful smelling field, listen to the birds sing, check out any livestock that may be running around, that’s what you do.

Then you feel the heat of the late afternoon sun, get an urge and strip off to your mini boxers and lay down for a while to enjoy the moment of relaxation.

Good idea? NO, DON’T DO IT! You will fall asleep.

Woke up after an hour or so, feeling refreshed and finished the journey home.
Felt a tad uncomfortable as I stripped for the shower and as I passed the mirror realised why.
I looked like a fucking tomato.
RED? Listen you wouldn’t believe how RED and how SORE I am today.
Not a big deal?
Its my first meet with my Lurma tomorrow, can you imagine the passion killing experience if things get warmish???

No.1 Im going to have to give her sunglasses if the lights are on and I remove any outer garments.
No.2 I will print a roadmap of all the places that can be safely touched and put big red crosses on the bits that are out of bounds.
How erotic is that!
Shell be wet at the thought of it!!!

5am and shes come online now… c u soon!

Have fun

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