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funintheday2006 57M
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5/1/2006 9:35 pm
Real people

The world of the web is a great place to explore your fantasies without the actual need to be a real person and must alleviate the stresses and frustrations of many people who would otherwise have nowhere to act out their dreams.
If that is you then its great and healthy that you have somewhere to satisfy your needs and we all respect your right to do so.

Problems arise when you take that dream/fantasy to the extent whereby you are building up the hopes of those on here who are actually wanting to meet people in the real world and are using this site as a conduit/ meeting point. Pretending that you are actually willing to meet someone, knowing from the outset that your world begins and ends with the internet is deceitful and wrong.

Take a step back and view the situation with some objectivity and you will appreciate that you are wasting the time of someone that could be spending quality time getting to know a "real" potential partner. Continuing to fullfill your fantasy at the expense of another person or people who may not have the time to spare on theoretical liasons is a road to nowhere for you and them.

As for photos, make sure they are you! If your 250kilo do not specify that you are slim, your not, and if an actual meet does occur there will be embarrasment, dissapointment and, perhaps, a real deflation of self worth.
Whatever your size, shape, gender or sexual orientation there is a potential partner for you on this site, you just have to keep looking and be patient.

Relationships, both long term and short term, discreet and open style can commence on this site and be rewarding and fulfilling, but only when the participants are fully open from the outset. That small lie now will eventually come home to roost and could potentially ruin what could have been the most satisfying experience of your life.

So the thrust of this is: Be open and honest about your aspirations and desires and ALWAYS take the time to consider others and their feelings and your profile will gain a solid reputation and your friends network will fill with people who actually want to get to know the real YOU.

THAT is the biggest boost to self esteem and real friendship building you can hope for here.

Have fun

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