Privacy invasion and voyeurism  

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5/19/2006 4:15 am
Privacy invasion and voyeurism

The blog today gives me a real opportunity to exhibit the way I think and hopefully, some of you will have a comment to make.

Ill try to keep it serioujs but, no promises, the keyboard has a mind of its own sometimes.

Had an email today (2 actually) from a regular visitor to my expounding of trash and opinions.

Very interesting subject line revolved around the viewing of blogs and whether it could possibly be an invasion of privacy or an extreme example of voyeurism that somehow is not quite correct and gives the reader an insifght into a life or lives that is too personal.

Underlying these questions ( and if I digress, please excuse me, short staffed and I am assisting by answering phones) is the discomfort of viewing what happens when people interact in a public place.

Before you try to analise anything you firstly have to reach an understanding of what blogs are and to do that you firstly have to discover why people write them.

There are 2 types of blogs, those written by real people and those written by someone who has created a persona and wants to share the “new them” with the world. Differentiating may seem difficult but read a couple of blogs by the same “fictional” character and the real person identifies quite easily through the inconsistencies and conflict of views. Said it was gonna be deep!!

So, lets concentrate on the real bloggers. The reasons they blog are many and diverse but one thing is consistent, they want others to read them, otherwise they would not write them. Simple! Now what they write, whether it be personal or general, they want to share so viewing them is not, strictly speaking voyeurism.
Many people have a problem with saying what they really think/mean/feel and using a blog gives them a detachment not possible when face to face. Choosing a blog rather than email or other mediums is personal choice and that is a subject on its own! On a site like this it is perhaps an attempt to show those who may be interested in our short profiles who we really are and what we think. It is a viable reason and perhaps the only relevant one on this particular site.
Protocol here: it is considered polite and good etiquette to write a comment on a blog if you view it, and this is very valuable for the writer, it gives an opportunity for strangers to actually assess character and personality and for the writer to truly see as others see.

Apologies here: I am not being very funny, as I usually try to be, the writer of the questions is a really nice person so I want to give proper consideration to the answer. Ill be funny later, promise!!

Blogs are also a cry for confirmation of views and opinions as well as a search for new like minded friends so if you like a particular blog or blogger then this is not entertainment for its own sake, however entertaining the blog. ( Is that English?)

Sometimes real life is played out on a blog ( and this one is becoming a prime example!) where it may appear to becoming akin to a soap opera. That is also good. There is nothing negative about sharing the lives of people and gaining an insight into their lives, if you are invited in and a blog IS an invitation to that party. Its also a subliminal request for advice, opinion and views.

There is, refreshingly no ethical debate needed when considering a blog, it is public domain and an open forum, so YOU make decisions as to whether you want to know or are indeed intereted in other people.

One really positive aspect of blogs is that you can, by reading, get a deeper and more objective view of your own life and make adjustments you feel are needed without the need to ask anyone else.

You should read what you want to read, always leave a comment and offer opinion if YOU feel you need to.

What you should never feel from a blog is that you are invading or that you know too much, a blog is an open invitation to all. If the author does not like what you write, they will delete it, so no harm done. Personally I would never delete a comment as I believe all views are relevant. I may delete offensive diatribe but, not fair comment.

So, in short read all the blogs you want to, comment on them all and help the authors of these insights to perhaps understand themselves and the world a little better.

You may even make some valuable and interesting friends on the way.

OH, and most bloggers have something else to say other than, “lets meet and screw”, so there’s a bonus!

For those of you that thought I was a bit shallow, ha ha!!

Fun stuff in another blog later…..

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