Lets change the subject... please..  

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5/16/2006 9:03 am

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Lets change the subject... please..

Just been thinking….

Change of subject…. YES…. Safer

This blog must be doing something because my mail box/viewings/ hotlist addings (yes, strange people) is getting popular!

I hear from all sorts of nice people and, I have to say, I’m loving it, the diversity of characters and personalities is fantastic!!!

Had one this morning GUARANTEEING me a rampant and satisfying sex session within seconds of meeting but, don’t know when I’m in Kuala Lumpar next (???!!!) Ok, I admit it, the words rampant and satisfying were mine and I transposed the F word for sex session, seemed a little more polite.
And there is no way I’m going to Maryland, what she was going to do to my exclusive male appendage was horrendous! Pulling, biting and chewing were mentioned. Off with you girl, need it unbruised for the future… I hope.

On a serious note I spoke to a lady with whom I’d been chatting for a while and she had met up with a guy from this site and he’s a bit of a nutter by all accounts, her breasts are bruised very badly and she is a bit under the weather at the moment. I’m trying to get her to tell me his AdultFriendFinder name and if I get it I will publish it.

So girls, please, please, please, be careful who and where you meet, there are some unsavoury characters around on a site like this.

Get a phone number at least and tell someone where you will be. If your meet is uncomfortable with that., don’t go. Simple.

That’s the serious stuff.

Today I’m in the office and expecting you know who to turn up, whether she does or not, Ill get back to you.

Just 1 meeting today for a couple of hours then I’ll be back at the helm of industry for the day (yea right, dream on).

Tomorrow night in hotel near Leicester after a meeting during which I will expound and give forth my knowledge and teachings, so I’ll be on the site via the wonders of wire free from about 3pm till I fall asleep.
That’s assuming I don’t get lynched, castigated or otherwise separated from my vital organs by a disgruntled delegation of suited moronic neanderthals
Anybody fancy a meal/ drink whatever, give me a shout,. I could be your flexible friend!!

Cannot finish without mentioning ‘that other blog’ so I will admit I check it every 5 minutes in dreaded anticipation of revelations that could send me out of orbit!
Nothing tooooo bad so far, but now I know her a little better I suspect its only a matter of time before acute feelings are somewhat sensitivised!

Whilst I’m on the subject (was I??) Staff toilets. Why are they so filthy? Do they abuse their homes in the same way?
Our cleaner has left for warmer climes for a couple of months and I cannot find anyone else to do the job. Its hell trying to find a cleaner nowadays, I’m sure your enthralled to hear. Any way, its only been 2 days and I ventured in this morning during the “peak period” turning immediately and retiring to the local McDonalds just to use their facilities. Hate the burgers, love clean bogs!!

It really is stressful for me (!!), how can I find a cleaner that will turn up daily to clean a toilet. Would you? NO? You see my problem..

What will it be like when I return on Thursday? Turd city, broken seat, blocked urinals, the smell of sewers. It's worth coming back for, dont you think?

Anyway, no sign of the lady (still time, she called about 30 mins ago) so I’ll close now and give you more verbosity in written form as soon as I can tomorrow.

Have fun and remember… be safe, sex is just not worth putting yourself at risk for.

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