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6/8/2006 5:31 am

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How many times do I have to post this before it can be seen? This has happened before and Im not paranoid they ARE out to stop me!
You evil blogstoppers, leave me alone, do you know how hard it is to find words, and then you throw them out with the trash and I am unexposed.
Begone you harlot, begone

I’ve got a number of things fighting for space in my braincell today.

Firstly, IM SORRY. If Id known so many were THAT interested in my meet I’d have streamed it on cam! 14 emails today just on that subject!!!

Secondly, if you’re going to wrap your car around the crash barriers on a motorway and then stand looking at it with your arms folded in the middle lane, please check to ensure I am not bearing down on you at 90mph+ ( downhill, I was TRYING to slow down). This means I have to put my drink down, re-wrap my sandwich, stop singing at the top of my voice, finish my phone conversation, get my finger out of my nose, check 3 mirrors, and then swerve around you.
Maybe there was a problem with your car and the crash was not your fault but, STANDING THERE???
I lost the tomato out of my butty. That means cleaning the car. Feel guilt.

Viagra. Something I have been dreading as I approach the senility of late forties and I’m wondering… Does it hurt when you push it in, the hole is very small. Is it better to break it into crumbs, wait for the day of the week it almost wakes up and then stuff the little bugger? Then there’s all this talk about heart problems with it, how many guys have left the tribulations of this world whilst bonking merrily away, high on the love drug? And, if it’s that good do the ladies continue until that beautiful moment before calling the coroner?

New vehicles. Got in this morning and 2 new vehicles arrived yesterday, only 8 days late and with incorrect sign writing. Now, why is it that the fuel light is on when they get to you? You pay all that money for a vehicle and they can’t put a few pounds of fuel in so you can get to the filling station? How stupid is that, I now have 1 person who has to go and get fuel so he can bring it back, put some in the tanks in order to get them to a filling station. That is not good business or common sense.

People. I have been away for just 2 DAYS having a well earned break and all hell has let loose, the shit has hit the fan, the world spinning in the wrong direction, questions asked in parliament, headlines on cnn & sky, the magistrates asked for more time, the PM will make a statement later. WHAT HAPPENED?? Well, the vending machine ran out of sugar whilst I was away. There is plenty in the box, but none in the machine. Can you imagine the trauma this must have caused. Someone had to go to the local wholesaler and get a box of sachets. My heart went out to them this morning, the guilt was overwhelming, how could I leave them with such problems, running off enjoying myself whilst the stresses and trials were placed on their shoulders? The fucking key is hung on the side of the machine, its on a yellow tag, you cant miss it. Inside there is a large container and on the front of that container is a label that reads ‘sugar.’ That’s where you put the (this is not too complicated is it?), S U G A R .
Suppose I’d better check the toilet rolls although as I wasn’t here it’s a fair bet that no ones arse got wiped either!

Oh, and my cats, left them for one day with a babysitter who feeds, strokes and generally panders to them Is that enough? No it isn’t. I aarive home at 8 pm and am then screamed at, scratched, ignored and the piece of chicken I want for my dinner has mysteriously fallen onto the floor from the plate on the worktop.
Local Indian delivery then, shower and bed. Not a chance.
The sound from these two bloody animals means I have to stroke, subject myself to both of them fighting for space on me and only one person got injured in this exchange, me.
Extricated myself sometime around midnight and got under the quilt, alarm set at 3.40am as usual in case I sleep in!
No sleep in today, cat on bed needs to go out and one out needs to come in, discovered by the screaming from outside and the not so gentle nibbling of my foot.
Oh, well enough sleep for me, it is 2.45am after all!

So I am here, blogging again and its still not 7.30!

How do I feel today?

Pleasantly…well, just pleasantly…. Relaxed really

Have fun

wishinNhoping 65F
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6/8/2006 8:38 am

I take it you are still glowing then !!!!!!!
How wonderfull .

Take care
P xx

funintheday2006 replies on 6/8/2006 9:23 am:
Glowing maybe, knackered definitely!

Have fun

thingsarelukinup 33F

6/9/2006 4:04 am

I no how the cats feel! u can share my bed dling

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