God, this woman is GOOD...  

funintheday2006 57M
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5/30/2006 6:17 am

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6/2/2006 1:23 am

God, this woman is GOOD...

Best first today, can’t concentrate on anything else right now!

On MSN for about 4 hours with the queen of sensuality yesterday and decided that blogwise her name shall be Lurma, to reflect her exotic taste in men (me!) and for reasons only she will decipher.
4 hours on MSN??? The longest I’ve ever done that is about 6 minutes! Even then it seemed impersonal and slightly monotonous.
Didn’t even notice the time yesterday, it is fantastic to talk to someone who actually has something to say!
What’s really scary though, is that she rattles off the words quicker than me and has this deviousness in the questions that, whilst being direct, contain elements of enquiry that draw me out and elicit information that perhaps I wanted to save till later!
Now fellow bloggers and friends, you know by now that the cyber erotic thing is not my scene, yet this vixen of erotic mind torture messages and mails writings that make the Kama Sutra read like Hello magazine. Words of promise that hit the nerve every time, phrases that paint word pictures that should hang in your mind forever and paragraphs that are a flight to paradise.
This mornings email titled simply.. Part 2… slow and sensual is a love story that I am jealously guarding and cannot share with you.
Why? Well, because blogging is about sharing your life (to me) but this is an element of my current life I find I want to keep just for me.
They are only words but the construction is personal and relevant to me and it would seem a betrayal to repeat them.
Is that strange? I read the mail, oh, at least once (?!!) and the pictures and physical senses that are touched are not cyber, they are real.
Am I getting romantic here? If I am your going to have to bear with me, it’s not my normal state of mind!
Her openness and willingness to share is a beautiful thing and a treasure to embrace although, she has a knack of getting more than she gives right now but, I’m working on that one!
So shall we take a poll or vote here?
I am meeting this object of desire a week today, shall we post the meet on a blog or not?
Do I describe the time we spend together or keep quiet?
All the gory details or just a précis?
Second by second account or an overview?
Maybe she will sanction me and refuse permission for me to blog, then your vote will be in vain but, I have a suspicion she wont mind too much.
So its over to you, leave a comment or the usual shy’ees can mail me.

A quick thought here, does the phrase “ touching but not moving” make everybody as horny as it does me?

So yesterday and the updates.
Most important happening above and everything else is paled into insignificance however:

She’s mad at me! It would appear that she is putting a lot of effort into assisting destiny and I am not! Can you believe how lax I am being?
No doubt this will mean I will be nailed to a crucifix and turned upside down. She wants more details of the pleasures I will experience under her stewardship and has listed a number of ‘erotic’ knife, whip, teeth, shackles, etc scenarios that she would like a view on.
How can I send the poor girl a mail that simply says, no way, no how, no where and I don’t even like kebabs? I especially don’t like the thought of being one.
This one is going to run.. I can feel it!

A: Well shes a lot more together now, has turned off her profile and blog, no longer sends me the texts and mails that were not such a good idea but, I still keep in contact and drop in for a coffee occasionally to make sure shes ok. Not much more I can do really.

Cheek to cheek is so sensual isn’t it?

Aftermath of the BBQ.
Bit of a situation developing here!!!
My new lesbian friend is sicker than I am and added to the story I concocted on the fly with an unhealthy degree of relish. Now our friends think she is a raving man eater and I carry implements with me to enhance sexual pleasure. She even sent me a bloody fax at work last night, which I fortunately retrieved this morning before any staff arrived, so I can remember the sordid details. I have never heard of half the “toys” I allegedly carry around I my car “just in case.”
I’ve never even considered a “4” extension with electronic clit massager??” What the fuck is that? If this girl has these toys I want to see them!
Knowing the pretty conservative life and attitudes of mine hosts I just know that this is not going away quietly! I guess there will be more on this once the telephones start ringing today.

Does flesh through thin fabric do it for you? Moves my planet.

Doing the sacking bit this morning at 7.30. Bad, don’t like.

Nape of neck can be so sexy can’t it?

One of my favourite words at the moment is straddle. Why is that I wonder?

Back later, have fun

rm_mm0206 70F
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6/1/2006 10:23 am

a lick on the nape of the neck is more sensual than it has a right to be... damn woman and what did you do to repay the excellent pervert...

I have images of making him moan for hours...

paybacks are hell


funintheday2006 replies on 6/2/2006 1:25 am:
Oh, I've been moaning for days hon!
I do repay in full, it's only fair!
Tuesday we meet, shit, that will be something!
Just 10% as good as the emails and Im a happy man!!!

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