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1/24/2006 6:30 pm

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I have been a bi-sexual male since I was a teenager. I like to look at women and I like how a woman feels, smells, tastes and reacts to sex. I also like to look at men and I like how they feel, smell, taste and react to sex. I have always wondered if I am alone with this way of thinking. If you ask homosexuals they will tell you that you are either gay, straight or lying. Heterosexual's have a different way of looking at it you are either straight or you will burn in HELL. I am in a very loving relationship with my wonderful wife and she likes to watch two men have sex as much as I like to watch two women have sex. Are we alone in this idea? My wife is not looking to be with another man she wants to have sex with another woman once in a while and share that experience with me. I am not looking to be with another woman I want to have sex with another man once in a while and share that experience with my wife. Oh yes we have fantasies about other people and there are men that my wife would like to have sex with. There are also women that I would like to have sex with. We both understand that and it does not bother us. When we look for other people to get together with we always think of the other. I would not want to have sex with a guy that she didn't think was attractive and she would not want to have sex with a woman that I didn't think was attractive. We are always honest with people that we try to meet if they are single guys we let them know that she will only join in if and when she is ready. If we hook up with single women they know that I am just an accessory to be used when needed (just there for the view). When we are with other couples we want them to know that we are just there for the fun and try to make sure that everyone is having some fun. So after explaining all of this can anyone tell us why men that are supposedly bi will usually want to have sex with my wife and want me to watch (except for Marcus) and why women that are supposedly bi want to steal the man away. When you get that figured out I would also like to know why is it easier for women to tell their husband that they are bi and it is so hard for men to tell their wife's that they are bi. I had no problem with it myself my wife was very open and honest about what she liked. It is not that she did not care how I felt she just wanted me to know why she liked gay porn.

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1/24/2006 8:00 pm

The short answer: Bi guys sit on a scale (if you like) between totally gay and totally hetero. So there are some who have sex mostly with men but have sex with the occasional woman. Others are mostly hetero but like the occasional guy. You sound 50/50. The guys that go straight for your wife (and girls for you) are probably mostly hetero. Then there are the desparates that will claim anything to get near a pussy lol. I have had guys begging me to hook them up with my wife and she isn't even mentioned on my profile. Work that one out.
As for the last part that's easy. Aids! I was lucky to be very active bisexually before the viruswas around. What a time and a very different attitude to bisexuality too.

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I Love the way you wrote this and I wholehearted agree! A number 10 on the scale. There is also the man that puts Men,women,couples on his profile and wants to be with the woman with me watching. Why put men on the list, if only wanting to be with a woman? Does he think it will attract a couple into believing he is for both so he can fuck the woman? My wife loves being with two men, watching them and joining in with them as a equal third. NOT a tag-team on her, but a equal. We don't like the labels society has made us put on sex. Bi-sexual, bi-curious,gay, lesbian, Straight, if we are not from the "norm", we are viewed as odd.

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1/24/2006 8:12 pm

Somewhere on this site, we saw the term "heteroflexible". This is a term which best describes our bi-sexuality. We would enjoy the opportunity to be with another couple where everyone is open-minded and secure enough to try being with the same sex. Our approach is one where the playtime would invlove all. No "stealing", just all parties enjoying one another. He would enjoy seeing her pleased by either the husband or wife. She is the same.

As far as talking about bi-sexuality... We agree: there is a social stigma that prevents men from exploring this as openly as women. For us, we simply talked about it until our comfort level (and horniness) took over.

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1/24/2006 8:30 pm

no, you're not alone. You are rare in that you are being totally honest.

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2/4/2006 7:24 am

i must say your post was to say the least very good , it would be nice if all could or would be honest but in the world we reside in is that really possible .ok for honesty id be intrested in a bi experiance and i know my wife like yours finds it highly erotic to see a mam on man experiance. Now i ask the same ? you pondered is there really anyone honest enough to admit there intrest in this to allow all involved to try a new experiance that they desire , and i say nope probably not so i guess we all just keep in there in the fantasy dept . ty for the post i hope many read it and are honest enough to post and try a new fantasy .

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u guys look like fun and i want to do some naughty things to both of u soon contact me i am a standard member and cant contact u...

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4/12/2006 11:14 am

Great point...I am in Alamosa and as you know, this isn't a subject easily broached in this community. My wife is completely and absolutely straight, and she would never consider "playing" as I have often fantisized about. What you are saying is tough to get through...I have fantasies about both. Mostly curiousity I guess...but it is difficult to even discuss the fact that a man is curious about being with another man, especially here. I don't know what to say about your situation, as I have never experienced such problems, but congratulations to you both as a couple for being able to be open enough with each other to have a discussion about it.


6/24/2006 1:12 pm

I really lked the way you expressed yourself in this post and I couldn"t agree with you more about any of it. My wife and I are the same way. We also are free enough to share our opinions with each other and in turn become very aroused as a result. We are unable to be together at this time, but your post reminded me alot of how beautiful my relationship is. I would really like to meet the two of you just to have some friends with the same views as myself and my wife. It's hard to meet open minded and truthful people such as yourselves. Your on my friends list, so e-mail me if you want.

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