Using Sex toys  

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5/31/2006 3:14 am

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Using Sex toys

Well, we think the best toys are the ones we were born with!
After this, a medium sized vibrator - a simple one with a
gently tappered end. Smooth, no knobbles or protruding
bits. About 9inches. We use it with the vibrator on and off.
Dry on the breasts with the side flat on and inserted into
the vagina well lubricated. Not rammed in but gently applied
with finger play on the clit and around the anus at the same
time. Gently pushing deeper inside then turning up the
speed careful to observe her reaction. Turning slightly
upwards to find the g-spot. The vibrator can over stimulate
and we rather stay on the edge of orgasm for as long as possible.
In an MMF situation we like to use the vibrator around the
anus during intercourse (not inside) on both the M and F
who are fucking, sometimes letting the vibrator brush
his balls and cock momentarily. We like the vibrator to
be operated by the 'assisting male' who will also
be giving attention to her nipples and clitty and gently
massaging the other guys balls and stem of cock if he is willing.
From time to time the assisting male will move the vibrator
from the anus region to the outer lips of the vagina, and
over the clitty. Yum!

ATL640 57M

7/5/2006 1:05 am

Those nipples of yours give you away. Sex goddess of the highest order my respect first but oh don't blame me for getting lost in the wonders you no doubt possess.

SirMounts 103M

6/16/2006 6:13 am

Welcome to blogging, funartycouple. *smiling*

STCMOguy4fun 38M

5/31/2006 5:01 am

Wow someone who knows how to use there toys... not many people, trust me I should know I have seen people in the ER for not playing lightly at times.

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