Might be fun??  

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10/25/2005 11:37 pm

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Might be fun??

Ok here is a story for who ever. Hope you like.

I am walking a small trail in the woods. A path I know well. I have been walking for about 30 minutes. I hear a small branch break behind me.... I wait to see if I hear it again...nothing.. Start walking again..there it is ..I turn to look and a warm hand goes over my mouth. I try to turn and run but he is too strong. His hands are on me before I even know whats really going on.
I hear someone say lets tie her up. I shake my head no. But it goes unnoticed. I feel my hands being pulled above my head and tied with something soft but very sturdy.
I am softly pushed to the ground on a very soft and fluffy blanket or something of the like.
My legs are then pulled apart and tied with the same soft ties as my hands. I am struggling but it does no good. The hand moves from my mouth only for a second before it is replaced with a gag of some kind. My eyes are then covered with a blindfold.
I am afraid very afraid. Are they going to kill me? me or what? Possibly both?
I hear the same man that said to tie me up..."We are not going to hurt you...We are here to give you the most exciting pleasure you have ever experienced."
I then feel something cold run up my thigh...ohh no its a knife! I feel the leg of my shorts being cut ...they cut my shorts and my tee shirt off. I am left in my lacy panties and bra.
Then I feel their hands on me. One set are very big the other not very big but both strong. They are rubbing me all over trying to calm me. Asking me to please stop struggling. And just enjoy what they are doing to me. I feel a hand wipe the tears that are running down my face.... That feeling is so familiar to me! Do I know one or both of these men. I stop the struggle now. They are running their hands up and down my inner thighs and over my breasts. Teasing me through my panties. My body is sooo betraying me by now. I can't stop myself from getting wet.
I feel the cold steel of the knife against my skin again, rite under the strip of lace on my hip on each side. My panties are now gone. They move to my bra, and cut it off as well. I hear the same man say.."We won't need this anymore, I'll put it away now." Then I feel their mouths on me. One between my legs the other on my breasts.
I still have not heard a word from the other man. I keep thinking to myself...do I know this man that has not spoken?
I can't think for long, they are making it hard for me to think of anything except the pleasure I am feeling.
Then I feel it....the utter pleasure that warm feeling building down soo deep inside me. I now have this mans big finger inside me. Now its soo hard to fight off the orgasm that keeps building higher and higher. I am moaning now. The man on my breasts moves to my neck and ears. The man between my legs is easing another finger in..now its two fingers working my insides soo good! He is lightly tonguing my ass and rubbing it with a very wet finger. Pushing slightly inside my ass. I can't hold back anymore. I cum all over his fingers and mouth. He keeps licking and sucking and saying" mmmm...mmmm thats it let it go" I am thrashing and raising my hips as far as the ties on my legs will let me.
They stop....I hear whispering. Then I feel the gag being removed,someone starts kissing me. I can taste myself on his lips, so I know its the man that was eating my pussy. At this point I can only kiss him back. And want more.
He replaces the gag. I feel my arms and legs being loosened. I am being turned over. I am now on top of someone. I have just enough slack in the ties to get on my knees. I can feel his hot member between my legs at my opening. I can now hold myself up..but can't bring my hands to my face to remove the blindfold or the gag.
I can feel the man under me moving around a little, his hands go under my belly to his hard dick. He slides himself inside me. Ohh it feels so good. I can't help but moan. Then I feel him slide out of me again,he is sliding himself up and down my pussy and to my ass. I am soo wet. He lubes my ass up pretty good. Then I feel the other man behind me slide inside my pussy. Shit! I know I know him now! I have felt that dick soo many times before. He pulls out and is sliding up and down my pussy all the way to my ass. He stops.
I feel the man under me slide back inside my pussy again. Again I moan. He starts pushing himself in and pulling almost out of me. I can't help my grind into him when he slides back in. We go like this for a while and the man behind me is playing with my ass the entire time. When all the sudden the man under me stops moving completely. The man playing with my ass starts pushing inside my ass very slowly. It hurts a little so I am trying to get away from him a little. The other man is saying.."its ok..we will go slow, we don't want to hurt you, only pleasure you. You push back on him when you feel you can take more." they are rubbing me all over. Calming me again. I want both of them inside me so I slowly work my ass in small circles, pushing him inside a little each time I move around. He is pushing slightly. My ass opens slowly to accommodate him. I now know for sure who this man that has not spoken and has his nice fat dick in my ass is. I smile as he starts moving in and out slowly. The man under me starts moving too. OH MY GOD! I have never felt so much intense pleasure in my life! They are now slapping my ass. Not hard but...just how I like it! They slowly rock me to the biggest orgasm I have ever had.
They make me cum four or five times . I then hear the man I am riding say he is ready to cum, the one in my ass only says mmm hmm.
They both cum as I cum again. The man in my ass slowly removes his dick, I feel a warm cloth cleaning me up. Then the man in my pussy pulls out of me, and slides out from under me. I am left on my hands and knees. They are cleaning me up. Kissing me all over while they do this.
The one man speaks to me. He says "we are gonna untie one hand. You have to give us time to leave before you can untie yourself. Do you understand?" I shake my head yes.
I feel my hand being untied. They each kiss my cheeks and I hear a low "goodbye sexy".
I let them get away a little before I jerk my hand up and move the gag. I yell "thank you!!" Then I hear laughter. They are gone..I can't here the leaves moving anymore.
So I remove the blindfold then untie my other hand and my feet. As I stand up I see a big light green gift box with a giant dark green bow on it, on the blanket. I open it and find a beautiful knee length green sun dress with panties , bra and shoes to match. Wow! now I defiantly know I know who atleast one of the men are...Not many know my favorite color is GREEN!
So I dress and find my way to my car. Get in and drive home.
I get home to find my husband on our porch waiting on me. I explain everything that had happened to him. When I am done he is smiling....
I say what are you smiling at? He only says happy birthday baby I love you! I almost couldn't keep from talking the entire time!
{This is only a fantasy} feel free to leave a comment please. would like to hear what you all think.

funWus 57M/42F

10/28/2005 7:10 am

LOL thanks Will! I would have to say...probably not! I don't think my body would betray me like that if I was actually in the real situation and didn't know at least one of them...or at least I hope it wouldn't anyway. lol

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