We need oxygen  

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10/9/2005 6:34 pm

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We need oxygen

Several months ago now I purchased an Impatient plant for my wife for our anniversary. She had it at her work which was a good idea, seeing as I have difficulties keeping any house plant, that is not a cactus or a spider plant, in my vicinity alive. Well several weeks ago, she went on a business trip for a week and due to the watering needs of this particular plant she had to bring it home and leave it in my care. Of course, I killed it.

I did not mean to kill it, it just happened…. You see I have a problem with buying flowers that are dead. My wife has only received a dozen roses from me once. A rose bush? Yes. Cut flowers of any sort? Well once again. I think we survived that issue nicely and she has come to terms with the logic about flowers. Now is it not better that I went through the trouble to find her a nice plant that had pretty flowers on it rather than buying cut flowers that had no chance of being around for more than a couple of days? I would rather kill them myself it seems. Why pay someone to do something that I could do myself.

Her version….Well, long ago I let go of any expectation I had of getting a nice gift of cut flowers, or dead flowers as my husband calls them. I admit I find it a little confusing that he buys me a plant, only to kill it. The result does leave me a little on the disappointed side. In my mind, you start out knowing that cut flowers will die. There is no other expectation for those flowers: the end is here…yes, death has already arrived you just don’t think about ‘cause they are still so pretty. With potted plants, the automatic expectation is that they will be around to see another day. So I admit, potted plants given on special occasions, I would think, warrant paying attention when left in my husband’s care. Then again, I can’t be too hard on him. He does have good intentions and seems to feel some form of buried guilt over it…hence the blog topic.

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